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To keep leading in the line of comprehensive healthcare products using the state-of-art technology
Keeping dedicating and constantly researching to launch body-friendly product lines which are good for human’s internal physiology, aiming at comprehensively improving human health in the shortest possible time and spreading the underlying disease screening solutions to the community with all our heart.

Enhancing personal health and wellness through high-quality products


Encouraging personal achievements to spread happiness


Create a barrier-free enterprise for sustainable economic growth and development


Driving personal growth through training and support


Cultivating responsibility for cooperation and dedication to society




A Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors of VIM Consultancy ( – specialized in Business Registration Consulting, Southeast Asia Investment Projects, BOT, BTO, BOO, BT, PPP, Investment in Southeast Asia; also the Founder and Global CEO of V Live International.
* He was honored to be the host of the Asia Pacific Summit of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) 2004 organized in Penang, Malaysia, and held the position of the Convention Director. (WATCH VIDEO)
* He successfully attracted around 5,000 participants from 20 countries and called for the investment of up to RM30 million; 
* He was also the speaker of MATRADE in Malaysia on the topic “How to invest in a store chain in Hanoi, Vietnam”;
* He was responsible for high-end foreign affairs during the three-day charity visit of former Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah to Ho Chi Minh City



Ms. Do Thi Thanh Huong, an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the health field, is very inquisitive and passionate about learning new things from other countries and cultures.  

She has graduated from co-majors in French and Chinese at Vietnam National University-Hanoi, one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam, and from the Faculty of International Economics, Foreign Trade University. In addition, she has successfully completed the MBA program at CFVG (France).

With her linguistic intelligence, passion for health, and dynamic and sensitive personality, she, at her discretion, co-founded V Live International Vietnam with the motto of “Essence of Nature for Sustainable Health” and desire to broadly communicate the use of high-quality products to Vietnamese communities for the comprehensive improvement of health in the shortest possible time.

Value of difference
Do you know that your body needs more than 160 elements to stay healthy? Are your cells healthy enough to take in all of them? Every V Live International product is designed based on German Technology to support the vitalization and restoration of Healthy Cells and the Body.


Every V Live International product is designed based on German Technology to support the vitalization and restoration of Healthy Cells and Body:

  • HBA – High Bio-Availability
  • NSP – Nutrient Sequence Precursor
  • TWS – Total Wellness Solution

HBA – High Bio-Availability
The nutrients vital to nourish cells must deliver high bio-energy so that cells can be activated and promoted to their optimal condition and to keep our bodies healthy.

NSP – Nutrient Sequence Precursor
The complete nutrients cannot be obtained from food alone. A complete combination of vital nutrients can be delivered to our body using state-of-art technology.

TWS – Total Wellness Solution
The products are scientifically developed to restore our bodies’ balance and wellness. Each product is designed to serve cellular repair and regeneration personally.

Healthy cells,
wholesome health!
Our Philosophy
It is found that healthy cells which enhance the nutrient absorption of the human body are significant to your fitness. However, the fact that our cells become weaker with insufficient vital nutrients and minerals is perhaps not widely known.
Several other factors contributing to cell deterioration and health damage:
- Lack of fresh air
- Inadequate rest
- Stress and unhealthy lifestyles, causing the above-threshold acidic pH level and build-up of toxins
- Eating too much, too fast
- Unbalanced diet / oily food
Signs of suboptimal conditions of cells and health:
- Insomnia
- Obesity
- Cough
- Backache
- Migraine
- Sensitive Skin
- Fatigue
- Diarrhea
- Hair Loss


3 Essential Health Factors for healthy cells:
Body Temperature

Body temperature should be kept at 36.5°C for 365 days a year to facilitate cells’ energy generation.

Spinal-Weight Balance

It is important to restore the spine-weight balance.

Balanced pH level of body

Over-Acidic or over-Alkaline levels should be lowered to Neutral pH of 7.035.