Top 3 beauty functional foods for women to use

Apr 29,2022
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For women, health and beauty are two extremely important factors. Therefore, they try their best to look for beauty functional foods for women to retain their youth through time and age.

Should women use functional foods? What are the safest and most effective functional foods nowadays? What should be noted when women use these products to improve their beauty from the inside? You should not skip this article if you are looking for the answer.


Top 3 beauty functional foods that women should use
Top 3 beauty functional foods that women should use


Should women use beauty functional foods?

Functional foods contain good nutritional ingredients for your body with the purpose of improving beauty from the inside to the outside, functional food products that help women improve beauty are produced in pill form and they are easy to use for all.

Thus, should women use functional foods? Beauty experts say that, when they compare to beautifying with cosmetics on the outside with using functional foods in pill form from the inside, then functional foods will bring more convenience and long-term effectiveness. 

However, there are many recommendations before using beauty functional foods for women, they need to consider the dosage and duration. If you use these products in excess, they will cause much harm to your health, even disrupt the functioning of internal organs. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose reputable products to get safety and sustainable effectiveness.


Trio of V Live products is the hottest beauty product for women today
Trio of V Live products is the hottest beauty product for women today


Top 3 hottest beauty functional foods for women today 

Beauty products for women are advertised with “miracle” effects on the market. However, are all of these products safe, quality and highly effective? This is not entirely true, experts say.

Thus, which product should women choose? If you do not know, please refer to the trio V Live set – Nutritious food for cells including: V-Oxy+, V-Trition, V-Neral originating from Germany, produced in Malaysia currently “make a storm” on the market today: 

V-Oxy+ beauty functional food for women


V-Oxy+ ingredients from natural herbs such as: Coenzyme Q10, oats, Vitamins B, C … V-Oxy+ is a product that helps to replenish blood to the brain, maintain the normal functioning of the arteries. The product simultaneously helps to regulate brain metabolism such as: balance electrolytes, increase glucose consumption thereby it supports and treats symptoms of headache, dementia or depression, anxiety…

Besides, V-Oxy+ beauty functional food for women also provides abundant energy to help women stay fit and active.

In order to bring out the best beauty effect, V-Oxy+ has been packaged and dispensed in the right quantities and this makes it easy to use. You just need to dissolve it into water then you can use it. The listed price of V-Oxy+ is 1.446.000 VND.


V-Oxy+ is trusted and used by many women
V-Oxy+ is trusted and used by many women


V-Trition beauty functional food for women


To be healthy and beautiful from the inside, we need to have a healthy digestive system first, V-Trition will help women do this.

V-Trition is a leading product in digestive health care. It helps to balance the intestinal microflora, improve the digestive tract and resist the invasion of microorganisms. Then it helps the digestive tract absorb food better, reduce visceral fat and balance blood sugar. 

V-Trition ingredients are herbs that have a good effect on the digestive tract such as: Apple stem cells, Perilla oil seeds, Mixed enzymes.

V-Trition is pre-divided in the right quantity for consumers so that they can use it easily. The selling price of V-Trition is 1.336.000 VND/box.


V-Trition – functional food protects women’s health
V-Trition – functional food protects women’s health


V-Neral beauty functional food for women 

V-Neral contains a lot of ingredients from well-distilled nutrients and minerals to supply collagen, restore and regenerate cells, thereby it helps women’s skin to be smooth and helps wounds heal faster.

In addition, the product also prevents stroke, brain hemorrhage, helps your body absorb calcium better for osteoarthritis, aches and pains, …

How to use V-Neral is very simple. Accordingly, women only need to mix each pre-divided package with water to be able to use it immediately. The current price of the product is 1.092.000 VND/box.


V-Neral beauty functional food helps to supply collagen
V-Neral beauty functional food helps to supply collagen


“Golden” notes when using beauty functional foods

Although the effect of beauty products on women has been proven by experts and consumers. However, the use of these products still needs to be cautious to bring safety and high efficiency without affecting women’s health. 

Accordingly, before using beauty functional foods, women should remember the 3 “golden” notes below:

Finding out the origin of the product


The origin of the product not only affirms the quality but also shows the level of the product. For women’s beauty functional foods, the origin is even more important.

On the market, there are many counterfeiting products, imitation products, poor quality products or products that do not have a clear origin. If you do not know the source carefully, it is likely that women will choose the wrong product, which will lead to many unpredictable health effects.

Therefore, experts recommend using only products of clear origin, full documents proving origin. Ideally, it is advisable to choose beauty functional foods for women from reputable brands that are proven to work by well-known organizations.


Choosing beautiful functional foods for women needs to find out the origin carefully
Choosing beautiful functional foods for women needs to find out the origin carefully


Finding out the ingredients


The second note to consider when choosing beauty functional foods for women is the ingredients in the product. The ingredients are usually clearly printed on the package, women can easily check whether those ingredients are really good for their bodies or not. Is it compatible with the body? Is it necessary to supplement? 

Experts recommend choosing products containing ingredients from natural herbs, because of their benignity and long-term effects. On the contrary, chemical ingredients that bring beauty effects quickly but have a lot of potential harm to the body. 


Looking for more information: Top 3 popular functional foods good for women


You should learn the ingredients of functional foods for women before buying
You should learn the ingredients of functional foods for women before buying


Be careful with counterfeiters and imitation products


Counterfeit products, imitation products and products of unknown origin not only make consumers lose money and have defects but also leave many dangerous consequences for health and beauty.

Besides, “you get what you pay for” is always true in choosing functional foods. Obviously, counterfeit products are always cheaper than real ones. If your do not consider carefully, you will definitely be “trapped”.

For the recent information, women surely have found for themselves the top 3 beauty functional foods that they should use today. Currently, the set of 3 V Live cellular nutrition for a healthy body is being distributed exclusively by V Live International company. For advice on buying genuine products at the most affordable prices, please contact Live immediately!




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