Can functional foods for cells treat disease?

Feb 26,2022
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Can functional foods for cells treat disease? What benefits do they bring to your body? Let’s find out in this article.

Currently, the consumption of cell nutritional food is progressively increasing. However, many people wonder can functional foods for cells treat disease? Today, V Live will help you understand the product's use, we can know how to use its accuracy and effectiveness.


Can functional foods for cells treat disease?
Can functional foods for cells treat disease?


Functional foods for cells: Leading nutritional product trend


We know that cells are the lifeblood of the body. Your body is made up of thousand cells. Whether it is healthy or none depends on how cells work.


Since, consuming cell nutritional food trend is progressively increasing in the community. These products are intended to provide essential nutrients for cells.  


What do cells need? If cells are not healthy, it is also difficult to absorb these nutrients even though there are over 160 essential nutrients that ensure proper functioning.


Thus, the mission of functional foods for cells is not only providing nutrition but also helping repair damaged cells. It simultaneously boosts cell achieve overall health.


In many countries, cell nutrition is increasing noticed. Then many products, brands formed. These products meet consumers need.


The cell nutrition trend is increasing, products are gradually gaining attention in the market.


Functional foods for cells are widely use
Functional foods for cells are widely use


Can functional foods for cells treat disease?


Nowadays, the market has many specific products for cell nutrition. Can functional foods for cells treat disease? This is a question that many people have.


We do want to inform this supplement is not a medicine, should not be used to replace therapeutic medications.


In fact, underperforming cells can lead to health conditions:


  • Fatigue, anorexia
  • Overweight, obesity
  • Stress, memory impairment, memory disorder 
  • Digestive disorder, insomnia
  • Cough, fever
  • Headache
  • Skin is dry and flaky
  • Hair loss…


When filling your body with supplements, components will rebalance cell activities. It not only heals damaged cells but also provides nutrients.


When cells are healthy, the outer appearance will be full of vitality. Signs of fatigue are also eliminated.


Therefore, people are mistaken that nutritional foods for cells can cure disease


In reality, studies on whether products can cure disease have confirmed positive effects. Although it is not therapeutic medication, it can prevent health diseases.  


When cells underperform, your body will be prone to disease. The supplements not only provide nutrients timely but also heal damaged cells.


Cells simultaneously prevent oxidation well. It causes many illnesses. If you regularly use products, you will get an overall immune system.


Can functional foods for cells treat disease?
Can functional foods for cells treat disease?


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3 best benefits from functional foods for cells


What we share above, you know whether products can cure diseases. What are the benefits once using them?

Provide oxygen for cells, boost blood circulation


Cells’ performance depends on how much oxygen they can take in. They ensure metabolism when cells are supplied with oxygen. 


Cell supplements are aimed at this goal. They help deliver oxygen to cells, thereby boosting blood circulation.


When your blood circulation is good, your body is provided nutrients. We feel better to eat and sleep, signs of fatigue repelled. Your digestion or circulation are more effective

Antioxidant, prevent dangerous diseases particularly cancer


Cells are constantly dying, and new ones are being made simultaneously and free radicals are also continuously produced in it. Free radicals are formed due to several reasons:


  • Metabolism 
  • Polluted environment
  • Chemical
  • Alcohol, tobacco
  • Stress
  • Trauma, infection 


Free radicals can produce and grow large quantities in a short time. They even destroy cells and weaken the defense system.


Therefore, adding nutrients to cells is necessary because antioxidants will help your body strengthen. These molecules help neutralize harmful compounds known as free radicals, helping prevent cell damage and certain chronic conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes


Diseases do not have a chance to attack us. This is one of the reasons why people wonder whether functional foods for cells can treat disease.


Prevent effectively the growth of cancer cells
Prevent effectively the growth of cancer cells


It is the locomotive that helps your body absorb nutrients and stable operating


The human body is composed of tiny units called cells. They operate stably lead to the entire machine will work efficiently


Your body easily absorbs nutrients through the cellular system. Energy metabolism is more favorable.


You will feel full of energy in your body. A healthy body is the most ideal premise to maintain your youth and fight against disease. 

V Live functional foods for cells: Overall health solution 


You can find all benefits as above from V Live. As a stem cell nutrition brand from Malaysia, V Live brings quality products to Vietnamese consumers:


  • V-Oxy+ provides oxygen for cells, supplies nutrients to stable cells function
  • V-Trition supplies nutrients source ensure stomach digestion and absorption. It also boosts brain function and protects overall skin
  • V-Neral brings a healthy immune system. It ensures stable cells function, repairs and recovers degenerated cells


Set of 3 V Live products has been trusted by millions of people. They help consumers get overall health care products at the cellular level


Trio V Live nutrition products
Trio V Live nutrition products


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We find out whether: Can functional foods for cells treat disease. Even though it is not therapeutic medication, but its value is meaningful 


Preventing effective diseases and maintaining youth, V Live is the overall health care solution today. For any further advice or order, please contact us as follow: 




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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