Frequently asked questions

What ingredients does V-Oxy+ include?

Coenzyme Q10, vitamin B Complex, whole wheat, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, beet root, guarana extract, L-ascorbic acid

How many products does V Live have?

Does the product cure disease?

What is the product price?

Diabetics can use it?

Can low blood pressure be used?

Can children/old people use it?

How to use the product?

How to use high/low blood pressure?

Are there any side effects after using it?

Use it for a lifetime?

How does V-Neral product work?

How does V-Trition product work?

What is the advantage of this product?

Can you buy this product for your husband to use?

Can my 2 year old daughter use it?

Can I use it if I have cancer?

What is the role of conenzyme Q10 in V-Oxygen products?

Baby, I've only been using it for 3 days, why is it so tired and headache?

Does this product support beauty?

I am 55 years old and still use 3 sachets mixed in a glass of water to drink every morning before eating, I have used all three sets but my body still feels red and itchy around the eyes and chin. and the back of the hand... so what is the phenomenon?

What are the advantages of V-Oxy technology?

What are the uses of apple stem cells?

Why does taking V-Oy cause reddening of the skin?

How do people who are exhausted, exhausted, and exhausted?

When I drink Oxygen, why is my palms red and stinging?

Can brain cancer or brain tumor be used?

Can vestibular disorders be used?

Who is limited to using V Live?

If the patient has a history of stomach problems, what kind of reaction does taking v-oxygen meet and should they continue to use it? Can people with high blood pressure and heart failure use v-oxygen, is there anything to note when using v-oxygen with th

Cervical spondylosis, herniated disc compressing the dura mater, inflammation and swelling of the biceps tendon, deltoid muscle. How does this disease use V Live to be effective?

People with runny nose and coughing up green sputum should use ntn? Does drinking produce phlegm?

My mother had stenosis, had a heart transplant when she was 57 years old, replaced with an iron valve, how is it appropriate to use an oxygen pack and what is the dose?

Can I take V Live with anticoagulants due to surgery?

I often have shoulder pain, neck pain and migraine pain, which V Live product should I use, and how to use it effectively?

How should a 9-year-old child with gastritis or duodenal ulcer take V-Trition?

People with stomach or colon use V-Trition well?

How long does it take to take the 3 V Live set to be effective?

Why combine V-Oxy and V-Neral

How old can children use V-Neral?

Can women use V-Neral for hair?

Vestibular joint disorder, how to use?

Can sinusitis be taken?

How is V OXY needed for 12-year-old children with rickets?

How to use V LIVE for a 70-year-old, non-hypertensive patient with a benign liver tumor?

How to use V OXY for patients with strong heart and blood pressure?

I have kidney stones, how should I use V NERAl?

May I ask how long does it take to improve?

What is the phenomenon of burning and numbness in the whole buttock?

How to explain when taking V OXY to feel stomach pain?

People who have never had bone and joint pain but drink for a whole week for joint pain?

During menstruation should use V OXY

Can stomach cancer patients use it?

Can my mother with insomnia use V Live products?

People with dizziness and lightheadedness after taking V OXY are like?

Can people with brain tumors use it?

Can people with parkinson use V LIve?

What is the dosage for people with high blood pressure?

If I want to gain weight, how should I use it?

What products can women use after giving birth?

I just got back from nose surgery and using V OXY, I feel a lot of pain in the nose, can you tell me why?

I was constipated when I gave birth to my second baby, although I ate a lot of vegetables but didn't help, how can your product help?

Are you using melasma to improve?

If you have stomach pain, how do you use it? Do you also have indigestion and diarrhea?

Using V OXY, I feel very uncomfortable in the eye area that I did not have before but recently I often have tears in my eyes and when using V OXY, it turns all red, can you explain to me?

How do you use it if you have a thyroid tumor?