What are the best functional foods for cancer patients today?

Apr 02,2022
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There are many functional foods for cancer patients that are advertised as highly effective currently. Which is the best one? 

The number of people suffering from cancer is increasing, which is a disease that causes many deaths. If you are unfortunate enough to have a fatal disease, it is advisable to supply and boost your health. It is necessary to use functional foods for cancer patients that are good and safe. More and more demand is associated with more products appearing. To choose a good product is not easy for consumers.


What are the best functional foods for cancer patients today?
What are the best functional foods for cancer patients today?


Why should we use functional foods for cancer patients?


Cancer patients have deteriorated health, and organs are gradually affected. In addition, cancer patients often have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This will have a certain effect on their body. 

Chemotherapy will make their bodies feel tired, hair loss, organ susceptible infection. Radiation therapy will cause pain, redness, irritation…

In addition, the patient may need to have some surgery to remove the tumor. When undergoing surgery, their bodies always weaken whether it is simple or complex. One major cause is blood loss during surgery.

Therefore, using functional foods for cancer patients is considered essential. It helps boost their health, increases healthy cell tolerance, and strengthens the immune system. It will limit side effects and contribute to improving the ability to cope with dangerous diseases.

Functional foods also help to boost their spirit by circulating blood, regulating and stabilizing mood. As we know, spirit is very important for patients. When their mind is happy and comfortable, their body will produce beneficial compounds and the cells are also healthier.

Functional foods for cancer patients can prevent and limit tumor growth. As a result, it partially supports the cancer treatment process.

Summary, cancer patients use functional foods is very good. Of course, there must be guaranteed quality, not counterfeit goods.

Functional foods for cancer patients
Functional foods for cancer patients


How to choose efficiently functional foods for cancer patients?


There are many kinds of supplements and the products are almost the same. Therefore, consumers need to understand some criteria to choose the suitable product.

  • Reputation: The product must have a reputation accumulated for years. A long-standing brand trusted by many people is the top criterion. Brand reputation is assessed by formation and development process, constantly improved products. 
  • Safety: The product ingredients must be safe and transparent. Do not forget to inspect the origin of ingredients, whether they meet quality criteria. You should prioritize natural origin products because it will not cause unwanted side effects. Herbal products also rarely react with cancer patient body.
  • Effectiveness: This will be judged by consumers who have chosen to use the product. You can refer to the reviews on the internet, media.
  • Genuine: You should buy genuine products from official distributors. A famous product has many fakes and imitations. Therefore, you should not buy low-quality products because of cheap prices. 
  • Expiry date: Only using functional foods still have expiry date. When you use expired functional foods will not guarantee quality and cause adverse effects. You should pay attention to expiration when purchasing, make sure to use it up before it expires. 

How to choose functional foods for cancer patients?
How to choose functional foods for cancer patients?


V Live – Good functional food for cancer patients, enhancing cell health 


The V Live V1 combo with V-Oxy+, V-Neral, V-Trition is a perfect product to boost cell health. The set is manufactured from natural and carefully selected ingredients. 

It is manufactured according to modern German processes to create health solutions for everyone. This is one of the safest and most effective functional foods for cancer patients. 

Functional foods to increase oxygen for cells V-Oxy+


V-Oxy+ helps increase oxygen levels in your blood to make your body healthier. It promotes blood circulation, converts food into energy. V-Oxy+ is good for their heart and brain, it also brings oxygen to brain to nourish brain and central nervous system. 

This is really a good functional foods for cancer patients. V-Oxy+ can support the following cases: 

  • Increasing oxygen in blood, heart and brain to nourish cells.
  • Improving memory and balancing the nervous system.
  • Treating inflammatory skin diseases, anti-aging.

V-Oxy+ ingredients:

  • Dextrose
  • Blueberry powder
  • Strawberry powder
  • Raspberry powder
  • INS 330 Citric acid 
  • INS 330 L-Ascorbic acid 
  • Guarana Extract
  • Red beetroot
  • Vitamins B1, B6, Coenzyme Q10
  • Vitamin B1, B6, Coenzyme Q10
  • Biotin
  • Young barley

All materials are selected, safe origin and quality assurance. 


V-Oxy+ helps increase oxygen for cells
V-Oxy+ helps increase oxygen for cells


Functional foods to strengthen the immune system V-Neral


V-Neral is known for its ability to detoxify, regenerate cells and boost the immune system. V-Neral provides substances to convert food into energy. When using V-Neral functional foods for cancer patients, they will always feel full of energy.

V-Neral main composition is natural ingredients, safe for consumers. Its ingredients are hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide. Collagen contains 17 amino acids that are good for their body. Patients who receive radiation therapy often have hair and skin problems. V-Neral can provide the best support for patients. 

Especially hydrolyzed collagen is easily absorbed into blood. When molecules hydrolyze, it will become smaller, soluble in water and does not condense. 


V-Neral helps strengthen the immune system
V-Neral helps strengthen the immune system


Functional foods to enhance digestive function V-Trition


V-Trition helps to supply digestive enzymes and promote natural enzyme production. Digestive enzymes are essential to digest food, turning them into absorbable substances. It increases beneficial bacteria and fights harmful bacteria.  

Supplying digestive enzymes for cancer patients can help them absorb food better. Then it provides adequate nutrients for their body, nourishes cells. 

When you have cancer, it is very important to boost your health to fight disease. The digestive system can be considered as the center of energy metabolism for your whole body. Whether people have cancer or not, they need a healthy digestive system. 

Digestive enzyme deficiency in normal people has brought many difficulties in eating. When your body is sick, your immune system is weak then you need to increase digestive enzymes from functional foods.


V-Trition boosts digestive enzymes
V-Trition boosts digestive enzymes 


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As above, we show you things to know about functional foods for cancer patients. Now you can be assured when choosing V Live International products. Please contact V Live office for advice and order products.




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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