What are the best functional foods for diabetics in 2022?

Mar 29,2022
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What nutrition and habitat do diabetics need to supply? These are suggestions of the best functional foods for diabetics in 2022. 

Diabetes is a heterogeneous medical condition, unstable insulin levels in your body. If you take good care of yourself, this disease is not as worried as we think. 

People who have diabetes should add functional foods to support treatment and improve their health. What are the best functional foods for diabetics in 2022? Please find out in this article.


Functional foods for diabetics
Functional foods for diabetics


Why should you use functional foods for diabetics?

It supplies nutrients and improves health

The patients cannot be provided enough nutrients by food. Thus, besides adding nutrients, they should abstain from certain foods. Diabetics should use functional foods to improve their health.

It supports diabetes treatment

Functional foods for diabetics will be used as a support tool. It boosts the treatment process and leads them to a normal life. 

It helps patients feel comfortable 

When using functional foods, diabetics have a healthier body, and their disease has positive signs. Then, it makes their spirits comfortable, it helps diabetics have a happy life, and no longer worry about diseases. 

Only three reasons above, we see that it is advisable to use functional foods to support diabetes. But there are many products on the market. What are the criteria to choose a good functional foods for diabetics


Diabetics should supply functional foods to enhance their health
Diabetics should supply functional foods to enhance their health


Criteria for choosing functional foods to support diabetes

Here are 3 criteria to choose functional foods for diabetics you need to know: 

Popular brand

Products from popular brands always make consumers feel assured. Supplements will be produced according to strict processes, it ensures product quality. Small production units may not ensure quality, safety and hygiene requirements during production and packaging.  

Trusted by consumers

A good product is accepted and trusted by consumers. It takes time to test before you can recognize the results.

V Live customers all come back to use the product. It can be seen that V Live products are trusted by many consumers. This is the condition to choose the best functional foods for diabetics

It rated and recommended by experts

Experts are specialized knowledge people that should be able to make an accurate assessment of a product. Maybe you do not trust people around you because of their subjective opinions. But advice from an expert is worth considering and trusting. 

The V-Trition product completely meets these criteria.


V-Trition is a good functional foods for diabetics
V-Trition is a good functional foods for diabetics


V-Trition – The best functional foods for diabetics today 

V-Trition is a product of V Live International – brand founded by two talented and outstanding founders:  

  • DR. Eric Sebastian Teoh was awarded to host the Asia-Pacific Summit. He is responsible for senior foreign relations between Vietnam and Malaysia. He is currently the Global CEO of V Live International. 
  • Mrs. Do Thi Thanh Huong has more than 15 experience years in the health field. She graduated from Hanoi National University with 2 majors at the same time. She is the co-founder of V Live International. 

V Live products are researched and manufactured according to strict processes. It is supervised by experts in many fields such as medicine, manufacturing, quality assurance, and quality control. 

Why is V-Trition product the best functional foods for diabetics today? The answer is as below.


V-Trition contains good enzyme for stomach and digestive system
V-Trition contains good enzyme for stomach and digestive system


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What does V-Trition do for diabetics?

V-Trition main ingredients are enzymes that are extremely good for the digestive system. Detailed: 

Decomposing food when it enter your body 

Enzymes help your body absorb nutrients more effectively, support lack of resistance, weakness or fatigue. Enzymes are substances that make your body recover faster and improve resistance. 

Protecting the environment in your body

Enzymes clean blood and remove harmful wastes in the body. They turn blood into a weak base, remove acidic substances from the inside.

In addition, enzymes are extremely necessary catalysts for the digestive system and for your entire body. Enzymes are made up of proteins that participate in all activities. Supplying enzymes will help your body have more energy and full of life. 

Mix enzyme in V-Trition has the following main uses: 

  • Containing three proteases, bromelain, papain and peptidase mixture. 
  • Boosting digestive system, reducing discomfort. 
  • Neutralizing acid in stomach, slowing down digestive process. 

Besides the stomach and digestive benefits, V-Trition functional foods for diabetics support to improve memory, anti-aging, and increase collagen for your body and skin. 

You can completely trust this product. Because it has obtained many certificates related to product quality and its effectiveness. 


One of the V-Trition certifications
One of the V-Trition certifications


How to use V-Trition most effectively

How should V-Trition functional foods for diabetics be used to achieve good results? You should follow the instructions to get the best results. 

Uses: It is recommended to use 30 minutes before breakfast. Dissolving 1 package with 200ml water. One box has 28 packs (7g/pack). You should estimate the amount of supplement you need to make it work.

Please contact V Live hotline for detailed advice to know how long the process lasts.


Enzyme in V-Trition help to convert food into essential nutrients
Enzyme in V-Trition help to convert food into essential nutrients


Where to buy V-Trition?

You should buy V-Trition functional foods for diabetics at the official website of V Live International to ensure genuine products. Because there are many counterfeit goods on the market today. 

Why don’t you buy product on the market and these are the reason:  

  • It cannot guarantee genuine products. It leads to diabetics losing their money but they cannot improve their conditions.
  • Poor quality products can be harmful to your health. It is impossible to know the ingredients that made the product. There may be harmful substances in the product that can make diabetes worse.
  • It cannot be given advice and guaranteed from V Live. 

Therefore, choosing to buy V-Trition and other V Live products at the official website: https://vlive-international.vn/en/ to ensure your rights and your family.


V-Trition – good functional foods for diabetics
V-Trition – good functional foods for diabetics


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Diabetics have some habits will help them live a happy and healthy life

Diabetics need to exercise regularly with gentle exercises. Walking or jogging is suitable for them. They have to do it because these exercises will help them have good physical and mental health.

Diabetics should abstain from certain foods such as rice, bread and baked tubers. Limiting foods high cholesterol, fatty meat, animal offal and dried fruits. Since they are high in sugar, they are not beneficial for diabetics.

Adding functional foods for diabetics with V-Trition. To get the best health, diabetics should practice healthy living everyday

If you need more advice or buy V-Trition, please visit the website: https://vlive-international.vn/en/v-trition-balance/. You should leave your number or contact our hotline: 0839 69 88 69. V Live professional consulting team will provide necessary information  about V-Trition functional foods for diabetics  and other V Live International products. 



V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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