Top 3 overall functional foods for health

Mar 17,2022
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V-Oxy+, V-Trition, V-Neral are 3  products brand V Live, they are the most comprehensive Functional foods for health

What kind of functional foods for health do experts recommend? Those products are specialized in restoring and nourishing cells. In particular, top 3 V Live products bring overall health care solutions for your family.


These popular functional foods for health today
These popular functional foods for health today


Functional foods for health: Global healthcare trends


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has turned upside down for more than 2 years. Functional foods for health are increasing attention. Million of global consumers choose a variety of supplements to take care of their families and themselves.


Previously, supplements demand was developed in the community. Because of the pandemic, it is increasing vigorously. When your body is healthy, the immune system is stable operation, the impact of pandemic is also minimized.


According to statistics, in 2020, the global health supplement market will reach 764 billion USD. The average annual growth rate is up to 4.8%.


This is a desirable number for any industry. More than 40% of consumers around the world said they bought more supplements when the pandemic spread out.


In particular, overall protection products are the highest priority trend. 58% consumers prefer immune boosting products. Meanwhile, products related to bones, digestion, cardiovascular or energy only account for 40%.


The stem cell technology storm spread to supplements. Nowadays, worldwide consumers are interested in nutritional products for cells. 


These products are manufactured with high-quality technology, thus, they can maximize absorption process as well as efficiency.


Supplements demand is increasing day by day
Supplements demand is increasing day by day


Top 3 functional foods for health from cellular level


With our motivation to bring the best functional foods for health, V Live has been trying to improve its products. Currently, this is one of the top favorite brands.


V Live products focus on nourishing and completing cells. It guarantees supply nutrients from cell level, concentrates on 3 main products: 


V-Oxy+ functional foods provides oxygen for cells


If you are looking for a good supplement for cells, V-Oxy+ will be the leading product today.


V-Oxy+ usage has been verified by millions of Vietnamese consumers. You can quickly get back to your healthiest condition with this product.


V-Oxy+ ingredients are B, C vitamins, natural oat, especially, large Coenzyme Q10 content. Using product regularly brings a lot of benefits:


  • Incorporate all nutrients, help cells quickly absorb nutrients 
  • Balance cell energy, restore damaged cells.
  • Boost blood circulation, enhance metabolism
  • Improve brain function
  • Anti-aging

V-Oxy+ strengthen cells nutrients
V-Oxy+ strengthen cells nutrients


V-Trition functional foods for stomach


Any nutrition source is from foods that you consume every day. For this reason, maintaining a healthy digestive system helps effectively digest and absorb food. It can eliminate toxins in food. Then, it transfers them to the external environment by excretory system.


A healthy digestive system is indispensable for V-Trition. This is the best functional foods for stomach health.


V-Trition contains amino acids, minerals, micronutrients and special essential oils. It stimulates digestion and helps boost energy metabolism.


V-Trition is researched to ensure effective brain function. It helps beautify skin and prevent aging diseases. Anyone can use V-Trition to improve their digestive system and maintain their youth.


V-Trition helps effective stomach function
V-Trition helps effective stomach function


V-Neral immune-boosting product


Whether during pandemic or normal conditions, a healthy immune system is a prerequisite for a strong body. This is the reason why you should use V-Neral immediately.


V-Neral contains hydrolyzed collagen and important nutrients. It contributes to the cell immune system. With nutrition ingredients, it penetrates and repairs damaged cells quickly.

Product also helps to rejuvenate skin, good for eyes and brain in addition to boosting the immune system.


V-Neral product is one of three popular functional foods for health of V Live. You will build a solid defense system from this valuable nutrition source.   


V-Neral functional foods for healthy immune
V-Neral functional foods for healthy immune


Usage caution


As above is a set of 3 functional foods for health from V Live. They are made in Malaysia with manufacturer technology according to strictest German quality standards.


However, consumers need to take certain precautions:


  • Strictly follow instructions: Set of 3 V Live provides overall nutrition for cells. However, adding many nutrients at the same time 
  • You can use individual products depending on what you need. However, the best way is combining three products together. Then you will be able to maintain stable health.
  • Don’t you need to use products when you are completely healthy? This is a misconception. Your immune system weakens over time. Therefore, even when you are young, you should prolong your immune system life. Providing adequate nutrients helps you stay young for a long time, reducing many disease risks. 
  • Review the label, ensure you choose the right brand. 

Using products follow manufacturer instructions.
Using products follow manufacturer instructions.


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Where do you buy reputable functional foods for health?


To order V Live product, please contact the head office directly. V Live is the place where you can order prestigious and safe products.


V Live is the representative brand of global V Live. Its factory is located in Malaysia where consumers will be advised in detail about the product.


Moreover, you will be completely assured because products are 100% genuine. Consumer rights will be the highest guarantee when purchasing. Products are fully origin certified, distributed at the best prices in the market.


If you want to consult a set of 3 functional foods for health, please contact V Live. In the complicated pandemic, you should prepare your health to face it. Please contact us as information follow:




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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