5 criteria when choosing functional foods for hypotension people

Mar 17,2022
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If functional foods for hypotension people are chosen appropriately, the patient’s condition will stabilize soon and their health will be improved apart. 

The role of supplements for hypotension people has been recognized and applied. However, many people still do not know how to choose a quality and effective product. In this article below, we will mention something related to some criteria for choosing functional foods for hypotension people. Please follow to get more information. 


The role of supplements for hypotension people
The role of supplements for hypotension people 


The importance of supplements in hypotension treatment


Hypotension is considered a chronic disease, it can progress silently and patients may not realize the condition in the early stages. It took a long time until some specific symptoms made their body weak, then patients discovered that they had hypotension or low blood pressure.

Patients can use supplements besides medicines. They can help increase red blood cells, regenerate blood, improve digestion, supply minerals…

These effects will create a healthy foundation for patients during unstable blood pressure. Since then, they restore their body and limit their feeling of fatigue, dizziness, anorexia…

If everyone can choose the right functional foods for hypotension people when it incorporates medicines, they will bring optimal results. For instance, it activates and enhances blood circulation and maintains stable blood pressure level for a long time.


Choose the right health protection products type for optimal effectiveness
Choose the right health protection products type for optimal effectiveness


5 criteria when choosing functional foods for hypotension people 


As mentioned above, people realize the role of supplements in improving low blood pressure.

However, you need to choose the right product that suits your body and your medical condition. Here are some reference criteria to choose products for hypotension people. 

Formula and ingredients 


Functional foods for hypotension people ingredients must direct to nourish blood, enhance blood circulation to the extremities in your body. In addition, it must support red blood cell proliferation, increase and regulate blood pressure at a stable level

If the ingredients mentioned above account for 60-70%, then you can consider a product that suits you. 

Natural origin


Good dietary supplements are usually derived from natural herbs and benign biological activities. This can ensure that product will not cause irritation or side effects if patients use it for a long time.  

Meet the Ministry of Health circulation standards


Health care products for hypotension people need to be produced by the most modern chains. It must meet GMP-HS standard that is Good Manufacturing Practices promulgated by Ministry of Health.

These supplements must be considered legally available and administered to patients.

Assured safety and efficacy through clinical studies 


Supplements help improve low blood pressure when incorporated with specific medications, they need to be based on medical evidence. This helps not only patients get out of their treatment, but also authorities manage product quality. 

Received positive feedback from consumers  


Most products that are trusted and recommended by many people will have a higher reputation. These are based on “real people, real things”, unlike theoretical criteria as above-mentioned.

You should rely on both factors – theory and practice to make your decision.


You should choose right product that suits your condition
You should choose right product that suits your condition


Adjust your diet incorporate supplements


Once a supplement has been selected for hypotension patients, the next issue changes your diet to improve overall health.

In fact, people often skip their meals or the distance between is far will cause hypotension. Because these things will make your body unable to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Since then, they lead to decrease blood vessels' elasticity and cause a drop in blood pressure. 

Therefore, diet adjustment incorporating medicines and supplements will reach the maximum effect. 

Regarding nutritional groups that should be supplied, there are iron, folic acid and antioxidants. They have increased nutritional absorption to nourish blood cells, regulate blood circulation to boost blood pressure levels. 

Regarding avoidance groups, you should limit some foods with solder properties, succinic salts and preparations that contain stimulants. Although they have some advantages for health, they are not suitable for hypotension patients. In Particular, some cases are using medicines that incorporate supplements, because they can cause irritation.


Adjusting your diet will make supplements reach the maximum effect
Adjusting your diet will make supplements reach the maximum effect


Set of 3 V Live products – Functional foods for hypotension people 


V Live products include supplements that can support improve overall health: 

  • V-Oxy+ helps prevent cell oxidation: in general, it strengthens the cell system, improves vascular system, maintains normal blood pressure …  
  • V-Trition helps improve digestion: neutralize acid in your stomach, improve digestive and excretory system, remove harmful cholesterol…
  • V-Neral helps to provide minerals: amount of macro and microminerals can support cell function, keep blood pressure and heartbeat stable…

These supplements meet the criteria for hypotension people mentioned above. Thus, consumers can be assured of product effectiveness and safety.

If you persist in using trio products, you will feel the change inside your body after a short time.


V Live supplements meet the criteria for hypotension patients
V Live supplements meet the criteria for hypotension patients 


Product is not a drug, it cannot replace therapeutic medications. If the hypotension patient's status is complicated, they need to consult a doctor and ask for a prescription before using it.

If you need advice on functional foods for hypotension people, please contact us as follow:




  • Address: Floor 11 Agrex Tower Building, 58 Vo Van Tan, Ward Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 0839 69 88 69
  • Website: https://vlive-international.vn/en/ 

V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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