Top 3 functional foods for postpartum women today

Mar 28,2022
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Choosing functional foods for postpartum women from V Live to support their cell health, it helps mothers recover quickly after giving birth. 

After giving birth, your body needs a lot of nutrients to restore health. Not only that, a healthy mother ensures abundant milk for her baby. Therefore, functional foods for postpartum women are the health solutions that many women aim for. 


On the market, there are thousands of functional foods for mothers after giving birth. Choosing the right product and quality is the most important thing. V Live offers you a trio products V-Oxy+, V-Neral, V-Trition.


functional foods for postpartum women
functional foods for postpartum women

Should you use functional foods for postpartum women?


After giving birth, their body is very weak. At this time, nutrition plays the most important role to help the mother recover. 


However, your daily foods can help your body recover slowly. Even they are difficult to achieve the balance of substance groups that your body needs.


Therefore, supplements are the best solution. Functional foods for postpartum women have many meanings: 


  • Supplying comprehensive nutrition for postpartum women: A tablet supplement has a lot of nutrients. The nutritional ingredients are researched and prepared with modern concentration technology. They help supply amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and micronutrients. 
  • Nutrient absorption: The nutrient is concentrated and it has strong activity. Because of this, your digestive system is easy to absorb and distribute this source. After a short time, postpartum women have felt the effects.
  • Convenience: This is a great advantage of functional foods for postpartum women. If you prepare food, it takes a long time. But when you use supplements, it takes less than 1 minute. Any woman can take care of herself. It is important to choose quality products and good prices.  

Functional foods for postpartum women is very necessary
Functional foods for postpartum women is very necessary 


Top 3 functional foods for postpartum women today 


There are many different types of supplements on the market. In which, the 3 products below are considered the best. These are functional foods for postpartum women that are safe and have the most positive effects.  

Foods that increase oxygen for cells V-Oxy+


V-Oxy+ is the leading product on the market. Its main ingredient is coenzyme Q10. Along with an amount of vitamins B, C, natural oats and a variety of antioxidants. There are more than 160 essential nutrients in V-Oxy+. 


With this ingredient, V-Oxy+ has opened blood vessels. It supplies and increases oxygen to cells. Thereby, this will boost blood circulation. Oxygen will be carried to your brain and other organs. 


Resistance increases, the immune system works better. It increases memory and fights oxidative components that cause cell damage.


Within 5-7 minutes, V-Oxy+ will start to affect. Oxygen is delivered to each cell in such a short time. Your whole body will feel relaxed and comfortable, the blood will circulate. 


Postpartum women complain that they often have amnesia. That is, they often forget what they want to do. When they supply V-Oxy+ regularly, it will minimize this risk.


V-Oxy+ helps to delay cell degradation rate. Therefore, it has the best ability to increase your memory as well as concentration.


Functional foods for postpartum women are not out of helping their body better purpose. Because of ingredients and superfast absorption, V-Oxy+ is a comprehensive choice for women to regain their health.


This is one of V Live outstanding cell supplements, the current price is 1,446,000 VND/box


V-Oxy+ is necessary to boost postpartum women health
V-Oxy+ is necessary to boost postpartum women health


Functional foods to strengthen the immune system V-Neral 


If you are looking for a supplement to boost your immunity after giving birth, this is your best choice.


During the giving birth process, whether it happens naturally or cesarean, also causes women to lose a large blood amount. Their body is very weak, prone to colds, fevers and more dangerous infections. 


V-Neral helps minimize these risks. Product is the key for a healthy immune system. Through nutrients, the cells are strengthened and healthy. Thereby, it creates a wall to protect your body.  


Thus, this is one of the functional foods for postpartum women. It supplies nutrients, boosting the immune system is the key for a healthy body. 


V-Neral is not only having an impact on the immune system, it is also a factor that helps women maintain their youth. When they use it regularly, it brings a cheerful look and youthful skin.


When their mind and body are perfect, women have enough positive energy to take care of a baby.


V-Neral is 1.092.000 VND/box. This is a good price for consumers to have a good product. This product regains energy after your arduous giving birth. 


V-Neral boosts the immune system for women after giving birth
V-Neral boosts the immune system for women after giving birth 


Functional foods to improve digestion V-Trition


Functional food for postpartum women - V-Trition complete essential nutrient sources for women after giving birth. When it compares to other supplements on the market, the product has special ingredients:


  • 36 fatty acids
  • 16 amino acids
  • 17 enzymes 
  • 9 polyphenol molecules
  • Apple fiber essence
  • Perilla seed essence
  • Green tea essence, oats, orange powder, wheat…


These are all important components for digestive system. Through these ingredient action, V-Trition becomes an effective “assistant” for stomach: 


V-Trition improves digestive function, it helps the stomach work efficiently. Through this effect, it helps to improve memory and thinking ability. 


V-Trition also fights aging through collagen growth. Collagen is an important ingredient that beautifies your skin, eliminates brown spots, hawksbill and hyperpigmentation. 


Digestion is a problem that many postpartum women have to deal with. Constipation is the most common. If you supply V-Trition regularly, your digestive system will work actively. The nutrients are digested and absorbed quickly. 


You can buy product at V Live for only 1.386.000 VND/box. This is a good price for comprehensive health. 


V-Trition improves digestive function
V-Trition improves digestive function


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3 notices when using functional foods for postpartum women 


Many people believe that functional foods for postpartum women are only used in a necessary case. There are many people who think they are healthy and do not need to use any additional sources. In fact, this is very incorrect. 


You need to pay attention to the 3 following notices, to use product properly:


  • Knowing your individual needs: It is recommended to use the combo V-Neral, V-Oxy+, V-Trition according to instructions. Even if you are weak, you should not use more. You use the correct product as recommendations are essential. If you use too much, your body is difficult to absorb. 
  • Not all expensive products are good: How expensive the product is depends on many factors. For instance, components, technology or distribution unit costs such as land, labor, marketing. Thus, instead of choosing expensive products, choose the right one for your needs. 
  • Considering reputable sources: Choosing functional foods for postpartum women is very important. A reputable address helps you assure product quality. 


To own combo functional foods for postpartum women, please contact V Live. This is a reputable brand today. The combo V-Neral, V-Oxy+, V-Trition are exclusive products. For any further consultation, please contact the following information:




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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