Top 3 best functional foods for premenopausal women in 2022

Mar 31,2022
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V Live – a healthy product that is highly appreciated by many consumers in the functional foods for premenopausal women on the market. 

The women in perimenopause have many obvious signs of weakness. This affects not only their health but also their psychology. V Live – a functional foods for premenopausal women is highly appreciated by many experts. What is special about this brand? Let’s find out together!


What are the best functional foods for premenopausal women?
What are the best functional foods for premenopausal women?


Should we use functional foods for premenopausal women?


Perimenopause usually begins at the age of forties onwards, that means from the age of forty and lasts about 4 years. At this stage, the body signals to us that the physical and functional changes of ovaries are entering the decline period.

This is a natural stage, but it is also worrisome because it affects your health. Estrogen and progesterone imbalance or disorder will lead to significant changes in your body. The premenopausal signs are hot flashes, menstrual irregularity, difficulty conceiving, dry skin, heart rhythm disturbances, loss of concentration and memory impairment… 

To prepare for menopause as well as improve health, avoid gynaecolony, you need to pay more attention to your body. Measures that can be applied to deal with perimenopause are regular exercise, healthy lifestyle, hormone balance with diet… The most widely used method is using supplements.

To limit the premenopausal symptoms, women increase nutritions, especially functional foods that increase female hormones (estrogen). Functional foods for premenopausal women are researched and prepared from natural ingredients, its effects are restoring, regulating the body and enhancing female hormones. Since then, it helps to reduce premenopausal symptoms and prevent diseases caused by declining physiological health.


V Live International products
V Live International products


Top 3 functional foods for premenopausal women are trusted


V Live is a healthcare brand with cell intensive products. Each product from V Live International is researched to optimize its effects. It supports to recover cells and your health. By German technology, V Live brings to premenopausal women comprehensive health protection supplements.

V Live products include:


V-Neral - Collagen supplements contribute to cell regeneration
V-Neral - Collagen supplements contribute to cell regeneration


V-Neral - Supplement collagen for the body


For women health and beauty, collagen is very important. V-Neral is not only a functional foods for premenopausal women but also a functional foods for menopausal women.

Collagen is a very important element for your body, during perimenopause and menopause, your body begins to lack collagen, it leads to skin aging. V-Neral contains hydrolyzed collagen, it is easily absorbed into blood vessels, it can be quickly dissolved in water and  does not condense.

V-Neral restores skin elasticity, firms skin, reduces sagging and wrinkles, and creates smooth skin. V-Neral price is 1,092,000 VND/box.


V-Oxy+ - Anti-oxidant, delay aging
V-Oxy+ - Anti-oxidant, delay aging


V-Oxy+ anti-oxidant, delay aging


V-Oxy+ contains coenzyme Q10, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, natural oats and other antioxidant ingredients. V-Oxy+ has a nourishing effect and promotes cell energy production.  

V-Oxy+ is an extremely suitable functional foods for premenopausal women. It is full of active ingredients that delay the aging process from each cell, fight bacteria and free radicals. Since then, anti wrinkle resistance is formed, it is reducing wrinkles and preventing new wrinkle creation. V-Oxy+ is currently sold at 1,446,000 VND/box


V-Trition - Increase absorption of nutrients for the digestive system
V-Trition - Increase absorption of nutrients for the digestive system




V-Trition is a functional foods for menopausal or premenopausal women, it enhances the digestive and absorption functions. V-Trition compositions include active ingredients synthesized from natural ingredients such as: Mix enzyme, perilla seed oil, apple stem cell, arabic Gum,…

These active ingredients improve memory and thinking ability, anti-aging of your body as well as increase total collagen amount, smooths skin and wrinkles, removes spots. These are what women want to be able to eliminate when they enter perimenopause. V-Trition is currently priced at 1,386,000 VND/box

You can order V Live functional foods for premenopausal women at the official website: In particular, V Live offers V1 combo priced at 3,688,000 VND/combo with a full set of supplements that are convenient for consumers.

Do V Live products have any side effects?


Supplements are not medications, they do not cause side effects or very little for consumers. When using V Live, it is necessary to adhere to dosage, amount and time. When your health is better, you can reduce dosage to maintain your health for a long time. 

V Live products synthetic ingredients from nature, it has been tested with no side effects.

Notices when using functional foods for premenopausal women


V Live notices to consumers when you use any kind of functional foods for premenopausal women as follow:

  • Choosing the right products will help protect the health and beauty of premenopausal women. However, you need to choose a reputable and optimal work for your premenopausal state. If you choose the product with poor quality or wrong purpose, it is not only ineffective but also causes unpredictable consequences.
  • Following instruction for the best results. Although V Live supplements do not cause side effects, it is not advisable to be hasty, it can cause side effects when you overuse. 
  • Do not skip dosages or stop halfway. Supplements are inherently not as effective as medicines and perimenopause is not a disease. Therefore, you need to persevere in using the right course. At the same time, you should combine with a healthy diet and moderate activity, the effect will be noticeable immediately.
  • You should consult your doctor if you are taking medicines and you want to use functional foods. This helps to avoid unwanted side effects when you use many medicines with antagonistic factors to the ingredients.


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V Live is proud to be a purely natural supplements that provide health solution during perimenopause and menopause. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you when you learn which functional foods are suitable for you.




  • Address: Floor 11 Agrex Tower Building, 58 Vo Van Tan, Ward Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City 
  • Hotline: 0839 69 88 69
  • Website: 

V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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