Top 5 functional foods for the elderly in 2022

Mar 29,2022
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 Reference to top 5 functional foods for the elderly that are most trusted to get your best choice.

When your parents are coming of age, their body is getting weaker. Then it is necessary to supply functional foods for the elderly. Besides the reasonable diet, choosing products to support their health is a very important issue. 


Thus, what are the best functional foods for the elderly today? You should immediately refer to the top 5 highly rated products in the following article.


Top 5 functional foods for the elderly
Top 5 functional foods for the elderly

Are functional foods really good for the elderly health?


When people are coming of age, their health will decline. Accordingly, signs of aging also begin to appear such as poor memory, difficulty sleeping, eating poorly, body pains and many diseases. The elderly need to have a healthy and reasonable diet as well as activities.  


Using functional foods for the elderly is also a solution. These products will contain ingredients and nutritional compounds that are good for their health. Its ingredients are often combined in standard proportions to ensure they can absorb. 


In addition, supplements provide high nutritional content to boost physical fitness, support insomnia, memory impairment treatment… Therefore, the addition of nutrients through supplements are very essential.


Should you use functional foods for the elderly?
Should you use functional foods for the elderly?


What should you notice when choosing functional foods for the elderly? 


The elder absorption ability is often lower than young people. Therefore, it is important to add enough nutrients, minerals and vitamins to maintain their health. 


However, supplements prevent and support disease treatment for the elderly. These products contain ingredients according to certain formulas and concentrations. They can be used for a long time to prevent diseases and promote health caused by the aging process. 


To choose good functional foods for the elderly, you have to consider it and cannot arbitrarily use it. Therefore, when you looking to buy any product for the elderly, you have to remember these notices:


  • Do not use supplement and therapeutic medicine at the same time without consulting your doctor. The elderly often suffer from blood pressure, cardiovascular, joint pain, diabetes,… Therefore, when they are using therapeutic medicines combined with functional foods, it can lead to conflict risk and cause undesirable effects.
  • They have to read ingredients, recipes and instructions before they use it. This helps them identify the usage and avoids allergic ingredients. 
  • You should choose a reputable brand and consult a doctor. Do not choose the wrong product on your own.

Consulting a doctor
Consulting a doctor

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Top 5 functional foods for the elderly today 

Functional foods increase oxygen for cells V-Oxy+


V-Oxy+ is a product from V Live brand. The product applied German advanced biotechnology, it includes 160 kinds of beneficial nutrients for the elderly. 


V-Oxy+ nutritional formula helps cells absorb nutrients and regulate cell immunity. Then, it prevents virus attacks, improves the elderly health. This is a solution from the inside, brings oxygen deep into cells. 


V-Oxy+ helps blood circulation, brings more positive energy. It enhances the absorption ability, improves their resistance.  


V-Oxy+ is also a supplement to improve memory, concentration and intelligence for the elderly. With a healthcare mechanism from the cell, the product also helps the elderly delay cell deterioration. 


Currently, V-Oxy+ is being sold on the market for 1,446,000 VND/box


V-Oxy+ product
V-Oxy+ product


Functional foods to strengthen the immune system V-Neral


V-Neral is the second product in the trio V Live functional foods for the elderly. V-Neral contains essential nutrients and beneficial minerals, it brings many great benefits to the elderly health.


Product helps to supply collagen to restore and regenerate cells in their body. Thereby, it heals wounds faster, enhances recovery for old age. 


V-Neral is a functional food capable of preventing dangerous complications such as cerebral hemorrhage, stroke and protecting vision from the blue light.


Since then, it helps to prevent dangerous diseases common in the elderly. It helps their body absorb calcium better, prevent aches and joint pains. V-Neral also brings great usage in boosting the immune system, providing minerals for the elderly, it helps them to stay healthy and full of energy.  


V-Neral is being offered at 1,092,000 VND/box.


V-Neral product
V-Neral product


Functional foods to improve digestion V-Trition


The last product in the trio V Live functional foods for the elderly is V-Trition. This is a product that possesses superior ingredients such as arabic gum, apple stem cells, perilla oil, 36 types of fatty acids, 16 amino acids, 17 types of enzymes, 9 types of polyphenols. This is the optimal nutritional supplement for the elderly health. 


V Trition in V Live combo enhances nutrient absorption and digestive function. Since then, it helps the elderly eat and absorb nutrients better. In addition, the product also regulates their diet, provides the necessary enzymes for their body. 


Moreover, V-Trition also brings a number of great usages such as improving memory, preventing skin aging, cell aging and increasing collagen for the body. 


Currently, V-Trition costs 1,386,000 VND/box. You can buy a full set of V Live for 3,688,000 VND at the official V Live International distributor or website: 


V-Trition product
V-Trition product


Functional foods for the elderly: One A Day Men’s 50+


One A Day Men’s 50+ is also a functional foods that is recommended. It contains vitamins, calcium and micronutrients necessary for people in old age. 


Functional foods play a major role in bone and cardiovascular health care. One A Day Men’s 50+ prevents aging, protects the heart, prevents stroke and osteoporosis, boosts resistance and supplies nutrition for men 50+.


One A Day Men’s 50+ is currently circulating on the market for 600,000 - 650,000 VND/ bottle. You can buy products at online stores, pharmacies… nationwide.


One A Day Men’s 50+
One A Day Men’s 50+


Kirkland CoQ10 300mg


Kirkland CoQ10 300mg is also a good functional foods for the elderly to supply CoQ10. It helps prevent oxidation and protects the cardiovascular system. These tablets help reduce cardiovascular complication risk, increase cell respiration, stabilize heart rate and prevent virus attack.


This product is currently priced at 700,000 VND/bottle of 100 tablets. You can buy this at pharmacies, supplement stores , e-commerce platforms…



Kirkland CoQ10 300 mg
Kirkland CoQ10 300 mg

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As above are 5 suggestions of functional foods for the elderly that are worth using. You can see that taking care of the elderly health needs to combine many factors such as cell regeneration and recovery, increasing metabolism and improving diseases. Therefore, choosing a comprehensive health care solution is an effective and optimal way to protect the elderly health.


V Live Combo - Healthy living solutions for the elderly
V Live Combo - Healthy living solutions for the elderly


The trio V Live includes V-Oxy+, V-Neral and V-Trition are products that perfectly meet the criteria. With miraculous health benefits listed, this is definitely the first choice in caring and improving the elderly health.


You can find more information about V Live combo at website: 

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