Top 3 functional foods good for health for asthenia

Mar 31,2022
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Functional foods good for health are an effective solution to regain your healthy body and your comfortable and pleasant mind.

Life develops, people become busier and forget to take care of themselves. The hectic schedules and pressure make us feel exhausted and our body is asthenia. Therefore, using functional foods good for health is the most effective way to restore our health.


functional foods good for health
functional foods good for health

Manifestations of asthenia


Asthenia is an ill-defined condition characterized by generalized weakness and usually involving mental and physical fatigue, it occurs in both men and women. People in age 20-40 are most at risk. 


If these symptoms are not promptly overcome or they do not use functional foods good for health, many psychological problems will appear such as: self-contained lifestyle, fearing for no reason, they do not want to contact others, nightmares, insomnia…


These manifestations will cause a number of consequences such as: difficulty concentrating, poor thinking, forgetfulness, slow nervous reflexes, incorrect behavior,…


People with weak bodies will not have enthusiasm when they work and productivity will decrease. Then, it leads to depression, they want to let go and often fail in their life. These negative states will seriously affect their health and their mental health.


There are some symptoms that indicate your body is weakened such as:


  • Weakness lasting more than 6 months and you frequent headaches, dizziness.
  • Sleep disturbance, difficulty falling asleep.
  • Difficulty concentrating, forgetful, impaired memory.
  • You always feel anxious, confused, irritable, pessimistic.
  • Your mood swings, sometimes apathy, indifference to everything.
  • You lose weight, loss of appetite, weak skin, pale face.

Manifestations of asthenia
Manifestations of asthenia


Should asthenia patients use functional foods good for health?


When your body is tired, your eating ability will decrease or you will not feel an appetite. At that time, your body will not have enough nutrients to nourish the cells.


Therefore, using functional foods good for health is the best way to supply the necessary substances. Functional foods stimulate have supported a number of disease prevention effectively.

Top 3 functional foods good for health today 


If you want to have a healthy body and a comfortable, positive mind, it depends on the cells in your body. When cells function normally, you will have a good condition.


V Live has launched products to restore healthy cells and improve health through German technology. This is a comprehensive solution to “treat the root” of diseases in the functional foods good for health lines for cells.

V-Oxy+ - Functional food for asthenia people


V-Oxy+ is a functional food good for health rich in Coenzyme Q10, vitamin B complex, natural oats, vitamin C and other ingredients such as: red beetroot, Guarana extract, L-Ascorbic Acid, Biotin.


Coenzyme Q10 is an important substance for your body to improve the immune system, activate energy of the cells. This compound stimulates the ability to fight oxidation, prevent aging and enhance the activity. In addition, this substance is effective in cardiovascular diseases.


In particular, V-Oxy+ functional food for asthenia has vitamin B as the main ingredient. This is a factor to release energy and convert it into nutrients for your body.


After using, it is quickly absorbed into your blood and transfers throughout the body. It helps the cell system be healthier and it brings a better condition to the consumers.


Product price at: 1,446,000 VND/box.


V-Oxy+ - functional foods good for health
V-Oxy+ - functional foods good for health


V-Neral - Functional foods to strengthen the immune system


V-Neral is a functional food good for health rich in trace minerals, lutein and hydrolyzed collagen to supply beneficial minerals for your body. It also contains 17 amino acids of collagen to protect your eyes and maintain your brain health.


This supplement helps you have a strong, durable and supple body due to the multi minerals supplied everyday. In addition, this product also helps you fight the agents that cause aging.


It is being sold at: 1,092,000 VND/box.


V-Neral product
V-Neral product


Functional foods good for health V-Trition


V-Trition is a product that promotes the digestive system. It simultaneously improves thinking ability, memory and beautifies skin.


This product is applied to advanced technology and modern production by V Live. Its main ingredient is Mix enzyme to maintain body functions, promote digestion. At the same time, this substance has the ability to neutralize acid in your stomach and promote your body recovery.


Besides, this product has the following effects: lowering blood pressure, protecting your liver, developing intelligence (for infants, memory capacity increases by 20%-30%).


Currently, V-Trition is being sold at: 1,386,000 VND/box.


In addition, you can combine V Live products to increase the effectiveness and feel the results clearly.


V-Trition product - Functional foods good for health
V-Trition product - Functional foods good for health


5 notices when choosing functional foods for asthenia people


Functional foods are being popularized. Although they do not have the same therapeutic function as medicines, they prevent diseases.The simultaneously provide basic nutrients for your body.


However, when buying functional foods good for health, you should remember these things in your mind as follows:


  • Consulting experts before you decide to use any type.
  • You should buy functional foods for asthenia people at the originating company. That company must have full information about the manufacturer, circulated legally and it has been tested by the authorities.
  • It is necessary to understand your own needs. You must carefully read the ingredients, dosage and recommendation to avoid “you lost money and you only get worse”.
  • Functional foods have no therapeutic effect and they are not medications.
  • You should combine a healthy diet, activities, and mental comfort during using functional foods. 

How to prevent asthenia


Before looking for functional foods good for health, you should not ignore some ways to prevent weakness in your daily lifestyle:


Nourishing your body with nutritious foods


Every day, you need to supply essential nutrients such as: fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates (glucid). For example: Citrus fruits, tangerines, bananas… berries such as: strawberries, blueberries, grapes,…


Besides, there are some foods rich in calcium such as eggs, milk… or yogurt to stimulate the digestive system. You cannot ignore protein groups such as: meat, fish, seafood…


Avoiding fast food, stimulants, and alcohol.


Do exercise regularly to increase resistance


Besides adding nutritious foods in your daily meals, you have to maintain an exercise routine to increase resistance. In addition, you can practice yoga, meditate to relax your body and mind.


See more: 4 standards to choose the best nutritional powder for cells


If you are looking for functional foods good for health at cell level, please contact V Live to get the most suitable product!




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Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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