Functional foods should be used to maintain a healthy body

Apr 02,2022
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Functional foods should be used such as V-Oxy+ for cardiovascular, V-Neral helps slow down aging and V-Trition enhances digestive function.

After the pandemic, people realize the importance of health. Using supplements is the solution to compensate for the substances that your body is lacking. What functional foods should be used? What role do they play and how should you choose them? In this article, we will introduce functional foods that you need to boost your body.


functional foods should be used
functional foods should be used


What are the benefits of functional foods?


Functional foods support organs function in your body. It quickly adds nutrients that are not available in your diet. 

Using functional foods will help your body repel diseases on its own and improve the immune system. It simultaneously improves your health and physique according to your desire.  Today, popular functional foods are often supplied with minerals and vitamins or those that improve your body shape, beauty…


Functional foods supply the substances that your body is lacking
Functional foods supply the substances that your body is lacking


However, when using functional foods, you must be patient. Because the average time to get the effect is from 1 course (1-3 months) or more.

What should you notice when using functional foods?


Supplements are being sold on the market. This makes you find the product you want. 

However, counterfeit or poor-quality products also appear on the market. Many people abuse supplements to quickly achieve their health and beauty.

Therefore, you should notice the following: 

Origin and brand of the product 


Counterfeiting is increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect. You should buy products at a reputable store to ensure genuine and quality. 

When choosing functional foods should be used, you should choose some well-known brands. You also carefully check the origin, quality standards. Especially if the product has passed the quality inspection by the authorities?

Using product according to dosage


Supplements need to be effective. Therefore, you should use the correct dosage to avoid harm. 

In addition, many products you need to stop for a while after a few courses. This will be guided by the doctor. You have to do it right to not cause side effects. 

Besides, you must pay attention to the expiry date. You should choose products with a long shelf life for long-term use and assurance. 

Choosing functional foods suitable for your health


Supplements have many different varieties and uses. You must carefully read the ingredients and nutrition facts listed on the box. This will help you buy the right, without causing allergies or excess for your body.


You should use product according to dosage
You should use product according to dosage


What types of popular functional foods today?

Functional foods for cardiovascular


Functional foods such as: Now Chromium Picolinate, CoQ10 TruNature, Nature’s Lab… are being used a lot. This product often contains nutrients necessary for lowering bad cholesterol, clogged arteries, regulating heart rate. 

Normally, its ingredients such as: Omega 3, DHA and EPA, fiber, Co Q10…

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Functional foods slow down aging


Products contain collagen and hyaluronic acid ingredients are the most popular today. Because they help to regenerate and support your skin structure. They simultaneously supply vitamins for healthy and smooth skin. 

These products have many forms: tablet, powder, liquid… such as: Evening Primrose Oil, DHC Collagen, DHC Multivitamin Supplement...

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Functional foods nourish cells


This is one of the popular functional foods for health and beauty. The difference is it brings nutrients into stem cells to repair and supply nutrients. 

Then, cardiovascular diseases, digestive system or skin aging… will improve radically. Because V Live understands that if one part is healthy, another will be healthy.

Functional foods should be used for a healthy body 

Functional foods for cardiovascular V-Oxy+


Cardiovascular is a dangerous disease and you are prone to it. Therefore, among popular functional foods, you should choose functional foods for cardiovascular.  


V-Oxy+ is the functional foods should be used
V-Oxy+ is the functional foods should be used 


V-Oxy+ is a German product line, rich in Coenzyme Q10, vitamin B complex, natural oats, vitamin C and other high antioxidant ingredients. The product follows a mechanism: After V-Oxy+ enters your body, it will be absorbed into the blood. Then, nutrients will be quickly delivered to all cells in your body. 

These ingredients will stimulate, nourish and regenerate damaged cells. At the same time, oxygen is provided sufficiently to stabilize the circulatory system and prevent some cardiovascular diseases.

Functional foods to slow down aging V-Neral


V-Neral contains two important ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen and lutein. 

Hydrolyzed collagen is the substance that supplies collagen for your body. Collagen supports and creates connections between skin cells. Your skin will be wrinkled, dry and less firm when deficient. 

Therefore, V-Neral will restore these. Your skin will be brighter and smoother. In addition, hair loss is reduced and shiny, your nails are strong. 


V-Neral slows down the aging process of your body
V-Neral slows down the aging process of your body


Lutein is an essential nutrient for your eyes. When aging, the eyes are the easy part affected. 

Using V-Neral will maintain the density of retinal pigment, relieve symptoms of eye strain, blurred vision and macular degeneration. In particular, people who often work in front of computers should supply Lutein to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

Another V-Neral use is good for your brain, stabilizing the nervous system, reducing stress and maintaining cognitive clarity. 

Functional foods to enhance digestive function V-Trition


If the digestive system works well, organs will be healthy. Because this is the mechanism that creates nutrients from the outside. If the stomach is not functioning properly, your body will not absorb enough nutrients, then it leads to a number of diseases.

V-Trition provides many essential enzymes, enhances the digestive and absorption functions of your stomach. This product is suitable for people have indigestion and difficulty in absorption. In addition, V-Trition also supports the total collagen amount to improve freckles and wrinkles on your skin.


V-Trition supports the digestive system function, helps to absorb nutrients
V-Trition supports the digestive system function, helps to absorb nutrients 


Where do you buy functional foods should be used as above?


After understanding the popular functional foods that you should take, the next step is to buy the genuine product.

The V Live V1 set (V-Oxy+, V-Neral, V-Trition) was awarded the golden medal by the Vietnam Association of Functional Food for: Golden product for public health in 2020, 2021”. These products are extracted entirely from natural ingredients, processed according to advanced German technology. 

The V Live V1 set is a golden product for health
The V Live V1 set is a golden product for health


If you want to buy one or all of the three products mentioned above, then V Live International specializes in providing genuine healthcare products from Germany. They have been verified and licensed by the Ministry of Health.

V Live International always commits and guarantees each product that their store sells. Therefore, many people who want to use the V1 set can buy it at the store.

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We hope some information has helped you gain more knowledge about which functional foods should be used. It will help you use and buy the right products to ensure safety for your health. For further advice, please call our hotline: 0839 69 88 69. Or you can directly go to the V Live International office at:




  • Address: Floor 11 Agrex Tower Building, 58 Vo Van Tan, Ward Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Hotline: 0839 69 88 69
  • Website:

V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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