What are the best functional foods supply digestive enzymes today?

Mar 31,2022
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Functional foods supply digestive enzymes is a keyword that many people search for in modern life. 

Digestive enzymes play a very important role in helping food digested properly. Enzyme deficiency will cause digestive disorders, it leads to many serious health consequences. Therefore, functional foods supply digestive enzymes and are sought and used by many people. However, you need to learn carefully which ones are good and safe.


Should we take functional foods supply digestive enzymes?
Should we take functional foods supply digestive enzymes?


Why should we use functional foods supply digestive enzymes?


The digestive system consists of many organs. Foods from your mouth to the digestive tract and then go into the stomach. At this time, enzymes will decompose into simple substances that your body can absorb, they provide energy for your body.

Digestion depends on 3 main enzymes:

  • Pepsin: decompose proteins into small peptide molecules and amino acids..
  • Lipase: decompose fats into 3 fatty acids and 1 glycerol molecule.
  • Amylases: decompose carbohydrates (starch) into monosaccharide that are easily absorbed.

Enzymes involved in the digestive process in the small intestine include: lactase, maltase, sucrase. When lack of enzymes, the food is not digested properly causing disorders such as lactose intolerance.

This time you need to think about functional foods supply enzymes. We can supply through foods or functional products.

V-Trition: The best functional foods supply digestive enzymes today


When your body is lacking digestive enzymes, you will feel uncomfortable. Especially when you eat foods that contain a lot of fat and they are indigestion, they will cause a feeling of flatulence. V-Trition functional foods supply digestive enzymes will help you get rid of this discomfort.

V-Trition is a product of V Live International, it helps enhance digestive function, supply digestive enzymes. The main components include protease, papain, bromelain and peptidases mixture. Products can help consumers reduce discomfort when their digestive system works and neutralize stomach acid.

It will contribute to increase natural enzymes, boost immunity and limit harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract. When you use it regularly, you will feel a marked change in the digestive system.

Besides a functional foods supply digestive enzymes, V-Trition has many other benefits. Good digestion, food is fully absorbed nutrition can help us become healthier, increase thinking ability, and fight signs of aging. There are a number of usages in beautifying skin, reducing melasma, freckles…

V-Trition is made from precious natural herbs, thereby it provides many nutrients for your body. V-Trition is packaged, you can easily take it anywhere. How to use V-Trition is extremely simple, you mix it with water, shake it and enjoy the delicious taste.


V-Trition - Functional foods to protect the digestive system
V-Trition - Functional foods to protect the digestive system


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Natural sources supply digestive enzymes 



Pineapple is a fruit that is rich in digestive enzymes, including bromelain. This enzyme decomposes proteins into amino acids, which aid in protein absorption and digestion. 

A study has shown that people with pancreatic insufficiency, when they combine bromelain with pancreatic enzymes, it will improve digestion better. When you eat pineapple regularly, it likes an inexpensive and natural functional foods supply digestive enzymes. 



Papaya is also a fruit rich in enzymes, good for digestion. It contains substances that decompose proteins, including papain. This is a natural meat tenderizer, reducing irritable syndrome such as constipation.

This is the reason why people often eat papaya as a laxative. However, high temperatures can destroy digestive enzymes. Thus, you should eat ripe papaya, but you should not cook it. If you are pregnant, do not eat green papaya. 


Papaya is good for your digestion
Papaya is good for your digestion




Mango is not only a functional food supply natural digestive enzymes, but it also has a particularly delicious taste. Mangoes contain amylase, which decompose starchy carbs into monosaccharide

In our body, this enzyme is produced by pancreas and salivary glands, when you eat, you should chew it thoroughly. Saliva helps decompose carbs, it makes them easier for your body to digest and absorb.



Banana is an extremely familiar fruit. When the banana is ripe, amylase and glucosidase enzymes are produced more. They help decompose starches into sugars, thus, ripe bananas are sweeter.

Besides containing digestive enzymes, bananas also provide fiber. Each banana can contain up to 3.1grams of fiber.



Avocados are rich in good fats and low in sugar, lipase enzyme helps in food digestion. This enzyme decomposes indigestible fats into smaller molecules. Then, your body will easily absorb them.

Lipase made by the pancreas in your body. When you add this substance, it will help your body easily digest if a meal have too much fat causes a feeling of flatulence.


Eating avocados will decompose indigestible fats
Eating avocados will decompose indigestible fats




Kefir is a type of milky mushroom originating from Tibet, it helps ferment milk into beneficial food. It contains many digestive enzymes like lipase, lactase, protease.

Some studies have shown that Kefir yogurt improves lactose digestion in people with lactose intolerance. Kefir is very easy to grow, but you need to attention to hygiene when processing.



Honey has many nutritional values, it is delicious and it has digestive enzymes. Raw honey contains diastases, amylases, proteins and invertases. You should notice that it is not heated in high temperatures because it can destroy beneficial digestive enzymes. If you want to add enzymes, it is best to use raw honey.



Kimchi is a familiar dish of Korea, it is fermented vegetables. Kimchi contains Bacillus strains which produce digestive enzymes.

Kimchi is not only good for digestion, it also lowers cholesterol and reduces cardiovascular disease risk. This is the reason why Koreans love this dish.


Kimchi, Korean food supplies digestive enzymes
Kimchi, Korean food supplies digestive enzymes 




Kiwi is a delicious berry and contains enzymes that help tenderize meat. It is a protease called actinidain, an enzyme helps digest proteins. If you eat a lot of beef, this is a good fruit to digest them. When you eat kiwi regularly, it will promote digestion, reduce symptoms of flatulence and constipation.

Above are interesting and useful knowledge about functional foods supply digestive enzymes. You can choose organic foods, fruits, vegetables, fermented foods,… or convenient ultra-processed foods.


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If you want something that can help your digestive system  and bring many other values, do not forget V-Trition functional foods supply digestive enzymes. Products are being sold on V Live International website. There is a support team ready to give you advice. 




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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