Top 3 best functional foods to prevent stroke today

Mar 30,2022
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V Live functional foods to prevent stroke guaranteed quality, is the perfect choice to protect you and your family health.

Stroke is a dangerous disease that can have bad consequences, it affects the patient health. Today, strokes occur more and more with younger people. There are many stroke causes, which can be attributed to your lifestyle and daily living environment. To protect yourself and your family members, you should use functional foods to prevent stroke. 


Stroke is really dangerous and it leaves many bad consequences
Stroke is really dangerous and it leaves many bad consequences


The dangers of stroke 


Stoke is commonly known as a condition where a part of your brain is damaged due to lack of blood to your brain in a period of time. It can be caused by broken or blocked vessels.

Stroke can have the worst consequences of death. In other cases, the patient may experience paralysis of their whole body and loss of sensation. This is a disease with serious consequences.  

After patients have brain damage, their body functions are halted. The part of the damaged brain may not be recovered. Therefore, it can lead to loss of behavior control.

Patients are often unable to take care of themselves due to the sequelae. This affects their daily life as well as their loved ones.

Today, the stroke patient rate is increasing, especially the younger age. Previously, it only affected the elderly who had high blood pressure and diabete history. 

People who are obese, sedentary and drink a lot of alcohol may have higher risk. Smoking is also a factor. Men are usually more at risk than women.

The consequences depend on the extent of brain damage. But most patients have reduced or lost active ability. Some can lose their feeling, expression and thinking. Patients can be paralyzed their whole body or half of their body after a stroke.

Due to brain damage, their language and vision ability may be limited. The consequences are extremely dangerous. It affects the daily life of both patients and their family.


You should use functional foods to prevent stroke
You should use functional foods to prevent stroke


Why should you use functional foods for people who have had a stroke?


Using functional foods to improve your health, protect your body and prevent strokes. Good health will help your body avoid stroke risk. Functional foods that support health promotion are the perfect choice.

In particular, people who have diabete history, cardiovascular disease and blood pressure, functional foods will significantly improve the condition. V Live supplements provide your body many nutrients. Since then, it has a comprehensive health protection effect to reduce stroke risk. 

When a stroke has occurred, it brings bad consequences to health. People who have strokes are not only affected physically but also mentally. It brings physical pain, inconvenience in daily activities. 

After a stroke, people may experience cognitive changes, memory loss and it is impossible to solve simple problems. 

More than that, patients may have inappropriate behavior and personality caused by their brain changes and damages. Using functional foods to prevent stroke will help you prevent disease.

Supplements also supply enough nutrients to ensure your sustainable health. If you want to protect yourself and your family, using them is extremely necessary.


Functional foods to prevent strokes
Functional foods to prevent strokes


Top 3 functional foods to prevent stroke today 


Using functional foods for people who have strokes is not too strange. This is the choice of many people  because it brings optimal effectiveness to protect overall health. Here are 3 types of the best products that are trusted by many people.


V-Oxy+ functional foods
V-Oxy+ functional foods


V-Oxy+ functional foods


One of the most common causes is a high blood pressure history. Sedentary lifestyle makes your body unable to process harmful fats. Since then, this can lead to atherosclerosis, it blocks your blood and leads to stroke. 

V-Oxy+ main ingredient is coenzyme Q10 that can help your body deal with fats. Its antioxidant effects bring a healthy body. More than that, V-Oxy+ also provides Vitamins K,E,C to supply essential elements for your body.

The nutrients in V-Oxy+ can prevent the aging process. It helps your body process fat, maintains blood pressure at normal levels. It may help reserve bad symptoms of cardiovascular disease. 

Using V-Oxy+ regularly can promote skin health. It supports skin protection, boosts skin radiants. 

This is a supplement suitable for people who have a sedentary lifestyle due to their work. It contains many nutrients and vitamins that your body cannot synthesize. It metabolizes nutrients and promotes stroke prevention.

V-Oxy+ also helps reduce pain, prevent cancer and improve cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. 

Product is being officially distributed at V Live International You can refer to the price of 1,446,000 VND/box when visiting the V Live website.




V-Neral functional foods


V-Neral functional foods to prevent stroke provides hydrolyzed collagen for your body. This type of collagen can be easily dissolved in water as well as absorbed into vessels. It helps your body get the necessary nutrients.

When you use V-Neral regularly, it will protect your eyes from the external environmental effects. In particular, it has the ability to help your body fight oxidation, protect your health and especially your brain. 

Price: 1,092,000 VND/box






Functional foods to prevent stroke V-Trition provides many essential nutrients that are good for the digestive system. More than that, V-Trition nutrients effects also help lower blood pressure, prevent myocardial infarction.

V-Trition increases oxygen amount transported into blood, provides oxygen to your brain to help create a clear mind. V-Trition special effect is protecting your liver, thereby it helps your body to stay healthy, purify and beautify the skin. A healthy liver can enhance synthesis of essential nutrients and excrete toxic substances from the body.

V-Trition is being sold at V Live website for only 1,386,000 VND/box


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V Live – The best functional foods for people have stroke today


V Live functional foods set brings comprehensive health to your body. It has good effects on digestion, blood pressure and protects your liver. Because of the above effects, it helps prevent strokes and accidents. V Live functional foods to prevent stroke provides nutrients completely from nature.

V Live is suitable for many different consumers and it is considered the most effective and comprehensive way to improve health. Using supplements to prevent stroke brings health to your body. Especially with outstanding quality, nutrients are easily absorbed due to German technology. 

A reliable address for providing functional foods to prevent stroke


Functional foods for people have strokes have been distributed via a website: You can find it at V Live International website or contact our hotline: 0839 69 88 69 


V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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