Why should you use V Live International healthy nutritional powder?

Mar 17,2022
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Healthy nutritional powder is a supplement form that everyone should pay attention to supply, it boosts your vitality from the inside out. 

Using nutritional powders that are good for your body is considered an effective way to improve your health. The ingredients extracted from nature also help limit side effects for consumers. In the following article, we will introduce a trio of nutritional powder products from V Live International to support health improvement that everyone can consult and consider.


Healthy nutritional powder
Healthy nutritional powder


Introducing set of 3 healthy nutritional powders from V Live 


V Live International has 3 nutritional powder products that apply new modern German technology to support recovery and develop cells inside the body. Since then, they have built a health foundation.

Products in this trio work on different functions in your body, you can get comprehensive results if you incorporate them. Details as follows:

V-Oxy+ nutritional powders provide oxygen to cells


The ability to support antioxidants, cell proliferation and limit free radical formation inside the body are the benefits of V-Oxy+. Healthy nutritional powder contains ingredients as follow:

  • Active ingredient Coenzyme Q10: this is a Quinone compound form with the same structure as vitamin K/E and it is directly involved in stimulating the cell production process. At the same time, Coenzyme Q10 also plays a role in preventing oxidation and atherosclerosis. When the cell system is stable, we will absorb energy and improve the optimal immune system.
  • Vitamins B complex source: this is an important factor in supporting the conversion of carbohydrates and proteins into beneficial energy. Some B vitamins such as B6 or B12 ability to improve the thinking state, bringing a sense of comfort. 
  • Vitamin C: this is one of the nutrients that have an optimal effect in the antioxidant process. Vitamin C content in V-Oxy+ will help increase iron absorption to help the cell system healthier. 
  • Folic acid: This coenzyme is considered a factor that helps nucleic acid synthesis take place more efficiently, which means cell division and replication are normal. At the same time, this substance can prevent free radical development.

Besides, V-Oxy+ powder also contains natural oats (Wild Oat), mulberry, blueberry and Guarana extract, L-Ascorbic Acid, … to support anti-aging.


V-Oxy+ have ability to help anti-aging, cell proliferation
V-Oxy+ have ability to help anti-aging, cell proliferation


V-Trition nutritional powder improves digestive function


V-Trition products can improve digestive function, increase absorption of collagen, and beautify skin. It also helps people boost their thinking ability and memory development. V Trition healthy nutritional powder main ingredients include:

  • Mixed enzyme: it contains 3 types of proteases, bromelain, papain and peptidases mixture, they work to neutralize acid levels in your stomach and reduce uncomfortable feelings during digestion.
  • Perilla seed oil: it is a low heat-treated form of virgin vegetable oil. It contains high content of Omega-3, Omega-6 và Omega-9 and can convert into high nutritional value ingredients such as DHA and EPA. These active ingredients will help lower blood lipids, remove harmful cholesterol and fight cancer
  • Apple stem cells: they have ability to increase collagen absorbed total amount, improve skin moisture, boost skin radiant and fade wrinkles. 

Besides, V-Trition nutritional powder also contains rice bran powder, dandelion essence, green tea essence, natural oat extract… All nutrients will help digestive system – excretory system work better.


V-Trition can improve digestive function, increase absorption of collagen, and beautify skin
V-Trition can improve digestive function, increase absorption of collagen, and beautify skin


V-Neral nutritional powder supply minerals for body


V-Neral is a product rich in both macro and microminerals. It has the ability to provide nutrients to improve eye health and maintain brain function. V-Neral main ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: This is a collagen form with small molecules, it is easy to absorb. It contains many amino acids, alanine, glutamic acid, and arginine –they play an important role in collagen synthesis.
  • Lutein: According to scientific certification, Lutein contains up to 600 types of natural carotenoids. They belong to photosynthetic pigments and are found in green leafy vegetables. This ingredient will help protect our eyes from harmful effects of blue light. At the same time maintain retinal pigment, prevent eye-related diseases in general

In addition, V-Neral healthy nutritional powder contains many minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc… They help strengthen bones, stabilize blood pressure and limit cell degeneration-related problems.


V-Neral contains many minerals to help strengthen bones, stabilize blood pressure.
V-Neral contains many minerals to help strengthen bones, stabilize blood pressure.


Why should you use V Line healthy nutritional powder? 


We are aware of the importance of a functioning cellular system. If the skeleton is like a frame of your body, cells play a role in supporting organs to function properly.

Since then, the whole body can work, study, play… effectively. Therefore, it is necessary to protect health through providing nutrients to cells. 

In fact, V Live International oral powder is an appropriate nutrition source that everyone can use and supply active ingredients.

All products have been thoroughly tested by medical experts, ensuring no side effects. If you use all 3 powder types mentioned above, you will feel the change really effectively.


V Live is a nutrition source for everyone
V Live is a nutrition source for everyone 


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Notes when using healthy nutritional powder for cell 


Here are some notes when consumers use V Live:

  • Product is not a drug, it cannot replace therapeutic medications, but it can support cell recovery after damage
  • Patients with hypertension, hypotension, vestibular disorders… can use this product. However, they need to consult the specialist doctor for appropriate dosage
  • Users can be adults and children with weak resistance, but they still need doctor prescribed with appropriate usage
  • Pregnant women, nursing, menstruating or patients with allergy history to medicines ingredients are not recommended to use these products

For any further information related to 3 healthy nutritional powder products, please contact V Live International for more detailed answers:


  • Address: Floor 11 Agrex Tower Building, 58 Vo Van Tan, Ward Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 0839 69 88 69
  • Website: https://vlive-international.vn/en/ 

V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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