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V Live International
German Technology
Each and every V Live International products are designed to support you in restoring Healthy Cells and Wholesome Health with German Technology
To ensure good health, please:
  • Eat lightly, breathe deeply
  • Live moderately, cultivate joy
  • And maintain interest in life
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High Bio – Availability

The nutrients needed to nourish cells must be of high bio energy, so it can activate cells to perform at its optimal best daily, while keeping you healthy.

Total Wellness Solution

Scientifically developed to restore total balance and wellness, each product is designed to perform targeted cellular repair, delivering personalised results.


V Live with safe natural ingredients extracted from advanced German technology provides the body with about 160 essential nutrients. As a comprehensive health solution, treatment of root disease in the line of cell health products.


V Oxy+ Activator

Raise your energy level, and get the daily boost you need to stay fit and activated. So you can do more, be more, and get more out of life! A proprietary blend of star ingredients—strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, wild oats, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B complex—and more. V OXY+ has what it takes to convert food into fuel, so you can feel energised all through the day.
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V Trition Balance

Restore a balanced health by filling-in your daily nutritional gap with wholesome nutrients. Best of all, you can regain a healthy glow! A proprietary blend of star ingredients—apple stem cell, arabic gum, perilla oil, mixed enzyme—with 36 fatty acids, 16 amino acids, 17 enzymes, and 9 polyphenols. V TRITION is the perfect supplement for your nutritional needs.
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V Neral Resilience

Stay strong, supple, and resilient with a daily supplement of multi-minerals. Enjoy a multitude of amazing, anti-aging benefits, too! A proprietary blend of star ingredients—calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium citrate, potassium chloride, zinc gluconate, selenium, hydrolyzed collagen peptide, lutein—and more. V NERAL works to replenish your body with the ammo it needs to minimise aging-degeneration.
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V1 Pack

V Live Special Package Special V Live Sets for Optimal Health! Why are the Sets a better and smarter choice? Why do I need complementary products and not just one? Here are 3 great reasons: Our body consists of 70 trillion cells. A single source of nutrient is not enough to keep cells nourished, healthy and strong. As we know, weakened cells lead to weakened health. V Live Sets — be it the Triple-Booster Set or the Complete-Power...
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Wonderful Features

We started V Live International because we’re passionate about health.

Good For Your Skin

V Trition helps moisturize skin layers and maintain moisture level

Good For Your Eye

V Neral helps protect eyes from blue light damage and other eye diseases

Stress Reliever

V Oxy+ efficiently reduces stress for your brain

Providing Oxygen

V Oxy+ helps delivers extra oxygen to cells in 5 – 7 minutes

Calcium Absorption

V Neral increase Calcium Absorption dramatically

Cell Regeneration

V Trition increase cell regeneration efficiency by up to 80%

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