Is it good to take functional foods? How to use it effectively

Apr 02,2022
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Is it good to take functional foods? It is a common question of many people, because the demand is great today. 

Functional foods propose many health benefits, enhance resistance, prevent disease. However, many people doubt whether taking functional foods is good or not. If you are wondering, please follow the article below. 


Is it good to take functional foods? Is it good to use functional foods?
Is it good to take functional foods? Is it good to use functional foods?


Why should you take functional foods?


Functional foods are proven to bring many useful health benefits. One of the most obvious is the addition of vitamins, probiotics, fiber, beneficial enzymes.

It can be divided into conventional and fortified foods. You should find out the reason to know is it good to take functional foods.

Preventing nutritional deficiencies 


Supplements will help you supply many important nutrients. Fast food is one of the reasons for the lack of nutrients because of fast-paced modern life. Poor nutrition will lead to poor health.

Supplying functional foods has been a good solution for modern medicines.


Functional foods increase nutrition
Functional foods increase nutrition


Boosting the immune system and preventing disease


When your body is adequately replenished, it can help you fight the risk of diseases. For instance:

  • Antioxidants: neutralizing, repelling free radicals, preventing cell damage. Functional foods can prevent a number of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It also reduces cancer risk. 
  • Functional foods contain Omega 3: this is a healthy fatty acid. It has the ability to fight inflammation, promote cardiovascular health, and increase brain function. 
  • Functional foods rich in fiber: protecting your body against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke… In addition, fiber has a positive effect on the digestive system, prevents constipation, intestinal inflammation…

Assisting some certain disease treatment


Besides preventing disease, there are many functional foods that support treatment. Some types treat stress, tension, prolonged insomnia. Some treat cerebral circulatory anemia or cardiovascular diseases.

Is it good to take functional foods? Is it good to use functional foods?


We have just mentioned the benefits above, everyone has an answer to whether is it good to take functional foods. 

Certainly yes. Functional foods support and help us prevent deficiencies. It will be an important part to boost immunity and health in some cases. 

If you know how to use it properly, these will be valuable nutrient sources for your body. You can refer to products according to your age and symptoms of deficiency.


Taking functional foods is good for your body
Taking functional foods is good for your body


How to use functional foods effectively?


Although we know whether is it good to take functional foods, it is not advisable to use them indiscriminately. We need to understand each type and how to use it to get the best effect.

Functional foods are mainly vitamins and minerals. If you add too much, your body cannot absorb it, it can cause consequences and burdens on your liver and kidneys.

You should consult experts or doctors before using functional foods. In Addition, it is necessary to ensure that your body is not allergic to any ingredients.

You must follow recommended dosage and instructions. Do not arbitrarily use it at your own discretion. 

The product must be stored according to manufacturer instructions. Some types we need to keep cold after opening, some need to be used before 30 days from the opening,…

One of the important issues is choosing reputable and quality brands. Functional foods have countless brands, you need to choose quality products and buy them at pharmacies.


You need to buy genuine and quality products
You need to buy genuine and quality products


V Live – Functional foods improve cell health for you


V Live is an extremely famous brand for its effectiveness and safety. V Live products were born with our passion to help improve your health. It takes care of each cell, V Live desires to improve your health and preserve your youthfulness.  

Each product is researched to recover, increase cell health and fight harmful cells. We hope to become a leader in the industry. We wish to propose the best, safest and healthiest products to everyone.

V Live currently offers 3 main products: V-Trition, V-Oxy+ and V-Neral.

  • V-Trition: It balances your health due to essential nutrients. Your body will feel like it is revived, full of energy. In particular, everyone commented that their skin was better after using it for a while. 
  • V-Oxy+: This is a product to help your body stop being sluggish and tired. The lack of oxygen will make you in a lethargic state, difficulty concentrating and out of energy. V-Oxy+ will help you solve all these problems and bring an active life.  
  • V-Neral: The “panacea” against the signs of age on your body. Did you know that our organs age over time? This sign is not only shown on your skin or face, it is also shown in your osteoarthritis… V Live International understands that, then we create V-Neral to slow down the aging process. It simultaneously provides minerals to help your body be supple, healthier and durable.

Why should you choose V Live combo?


The most important thing that V Live brings to consumers is not only the effect but also the safety. All products are created from natural ingredients, precious raw materials.

More than that, the raw materials are strictly selected, it was grown “clean”, and organically cultivated. This is the biggest advantage that not all products can meet.


V Live V1 combo
V Live V1 combo


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V Live International understands that consumers want to improve their health. Therefore, it is impossible to use inferior materials. No matter how advanced your process is, the input material plays the most important role. 

V Live products are trusted and received due to our conscientiousness in the orientation. Consumers always appreciate the benefits that we bring to them.

V Live combo are all packaged in powder form, according to standard dose. This packaging method is convenient, you can carry it, moreover the powder form helps your body absorb it easily. You just mix it into water when you want to use it.

This article above is the knowledge and answers whether is it good to take functional foods. It is a highly effective functional foods product set for everyone.




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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