Is V-Neral product good? What disease does V-Neral treat?

Feb 22,2022
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To help customers answer: Is V-Neral product good? What disease does V-Neral treat, this article will delve into significant values of V-Neral

V-Neral is one of V Live supplements combo, exclusively distributed by Wise Corridor Vietnam. In particular, many people wonder: Is V-Neral product good? Nowadays, the demand for functional foods to supplement and improve health is increasing, trio V Live products are highly appreciated. V-Neral plays a role in supplementing energy, nutrients for healthy cells.


V-Neral naturally functional food supplements nutrients from inside
V-Neral naturally functional food supplements nutrients from inside 


V-Neral – Indispensable part of V Live 


Is V-Neral product good? It is a part of trio V Live (V-Oxy+, V-Trition và V-Neral), V-Neral supplies an essential energy source. It promotes effective and optimal health. Product’s main mechanism is supplementing nutrients and energy from the inside to reverse the aging process, especially eyes and brain 


All V Live products are extracted from nature, without preservatives and side effects.


V-Neral product
V-Neral product


What disease does V-Neral treat? What is the usage?


Currently, comprehensive health care is a matter to many people because the human condition shows signs of weakness as well as susceptible disease. This is the basis for researchers to test, inspect and make V-Neral, it aims to enhance natural resistance and immune system. The product also eliminates toxins, repairs and regenerates damaged organs.


V-Neral is rated as the best vision improvement product nowadays. Besides, V-Neral has many miraculous effects such as: 


  • Boost immune system 
  • Aid to regenerate cells 
  • Aid to provide collagen, vitamin D3, essential minerals
  • Supplement up to 17 amino acids to protect optimal vision and improve brain function
  • Suppress premature skin aging, additional energy and nutrients to rejuvenate skin cells
  • Users sleep soundly, deeply, remove wrinkles, stabilize their mind and resistant to some diseases
  • Boost memory and brain function
  • Prevent disease related to eye such as: macular degeneration, eye aging

What disease does V-Neral treat?
What disease does V-Neral treat?


V-Neral valuable ingredients

Hydrolyzed Collagen 


  • Hydrolyzed Collagen is a scientific method in making collagen for better absorption. This important ingredient can inhibit skin aging. Therefore, it is very important to add collagen, especially women.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen becomes small molecules that can dissolve in water. Thus, the body easily absorbs it
  • Hydrolyzed collagen contains many amino acids, including dry acids. Besides, there are glutamic acids, alanine, hydroxyproline, arginine. These amino acids are important in collagen synthesis. The different amounts of amino acids are just enough to take place in protein synthesis. Therefore, it maintains tissues shape and structure, restores damaged skin tissues.

Hydrolyzed collagen in V-Neral
Hydrolyzed collagen in V-Neral


Horsetail extract


Horsetail extract in V-Neral provides significant energy source, brings many effects such as: 


  • Provide many useful active ingredients as well as valuable nutrients to boost calcium absorption
  • Nourish healthy skin, hair, bones and nails
  • Remove excess fat, oil secrete in hair



Lutein is an important ingredient in V-Neral. It benefits the nervous system, increases antioxidative ability, protects the body from cell antioxidants. Lutein contains more than 600 natural carotenoids. 


These substances belong to photosynthetic pigment group in vegetables and fruits such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, radish, calendula, squash, corn, mustard… Therefore, in addition to providing beneficial Lutein through V-Neral, you often need to supply it by nutritious and healthy diet

Other ingredients 


In addition to ingredients that bring health values above, V-Neral drink package contains other beneficial ingredients such as: Lactate Calcium, Carbonate Calcium, Magnesium Salt, Peptide, Potassium chloride, Citrate, Zinc Gluconate, Chromium, Beta Carotene, Vitamin D3.

Who should use V-Neral? 


V-Neral is the ideal health care product for adult use only. In addition, the one who should use V-Neral as: 


  • People want to add essential and important nutrients to boost overall health 
  • People want to increase immune system and resistance, especially during pandemic
  • People have memory loss, stress due to pressure
  • People want to take care of young skin from inside
  • People suffer from insomnia, anorexia 
  • People want to prevent aging process
  • People want to increase vision, improve glaucoma

Who should use V-Neral?
Who should use V-Neral?


Is V-Neral product good? 


V-Neral is a purely natural health care product, thus, is V-Neral product good?


V-Neral has undergone strict manufacture and testing by the Ministry of Health and it obtained certifications. Therefore, you can assure quality and safety.

Shall I use trio V Live products?


We do commitment 100% none preservative and growth stimulants added, V Live products help you achieve more comprehensive and optimal health. The trio V Live supplements ensure safety when reaching consumers.


In particular, V-Oxy+ provides oxygen to cells, add on essential nutrients, V-Trition improves intestinal nutrient absorption and V-Neral supports repair and renew cells.


Using combine 3 packages per day to reduce premature skin aging, pathogens and have abundant energy. Our goals are comprehensive health care, supporting dangerous disease treatment, V Live International builds trust by certification documents.


Combo V Live Certifications
Combo V Live Certifications


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V-Neral usage 


  • Dissolve 1 pack V-Neral with 150ml water before main meal and 30 minutes distant from breakfast.
  • Can use 2-3 packs per day and combine with other V Live products
  • Don’t use it for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people are sensitive to any product ingredients.


Thus, the article has helped you answer whether: Is V-Neral product good? and make your decision. To buy genuine products, please visit our website  V Live International

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