Is V-Oxy+ product good? What disease does V-Oxy+ treat?

Feb 21,2022
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Is V-Oxy+ product good? What disease does V-Oxy+ treat? This is a question asked by many customers interested in V Live supplement

Is V-Oxy+ product good? To answer the question, this article will find out this type of functional food that provides oxygen to the cells. Trio V Live products include: V-Oxy+, V-Trition and V-Neral make many customers satisfied with its effectiveness for health. What use does V-Oxy+ bring to your health? Is using V-Oxy+ really good?


V-Oxy+  Functional food provides oxygen for cells – Solution to improve your health from the inside
V-Oxy+  Functional food provides oxygen for cells – Solution to improve your health from the inside


V-Oxy+ - Abundant energy resource for cells


V-Oxy+ is a part of trio V Live supplements (V-Oxy+, V-Neral, V-Trition) provides oxygen to cells to improve the user's energy needs. V-Oxy+ is the ideal choice for those facing cardiovascular diseases or elderly people. It has great benefits to health, anti-aging, boosts brain functions, vision and physiological function of men and women.


In general, a set of 3 V Live supplements and in particular, V-Oxy+ package is the best health-promoting solution. It has guaranteed safety because it is extracted from natural ingredients, passed the inspection and tested before being released to the market. Therefore, you wonder: Is V-Oxy+ product good, many customers who have used it appreciate its effectiveness and benignity. 


V-Oxy+ in trio V Live products
V-Oxy+ in trio V Live products


What disease does V-Oxy+ treat? 


V-Oxy+ is a health-promoting food. It helps to prevent and treat many diseases to protect health, extend the human lifespan. The great uses of V-Oxy+: 


  • Support to increase elasticity and protect skin, reduce eye strain symptoms, enhance vision
  • Boost metabolism, supply abundant energy sources.
  • Positive impact on the development and function of the central nervous system
  • Provide oxygen to the heart to prevent ischemia risk, myocardial infarction. As well as, it supports heart failure treatment due to lack of oxygen 
  • Breakdown and transport nutrients and oxygen to create energy. Vitamins and folic acid in V-Oxy+ protect cardiovascular system and boost brain functions
  • Improve mental health, maintain and nurture digestive systems, nervous tissue, heart, limbs, muscles.
  • Prevent and treat cancer, kidney stones
  • Aid to prevent cerebral thrombosis, treat postpartum depression
  • Aid to treat hormonal disorder 


V-Oxy+- health protection product
V-Oxy+- health protection product


Main ingredients of V-Oxy+ functional foods to help increase oxygen for cells

Vitamin B complex


  • Vitamin B1: improve the immune, protect cardiovascular and nervous system
  • Vitamin B2: support the regeneration and growth of hair, skin, nails, and vision cell
  • Vitamin B3: balance cholesterol level in the blood, support diabetes treatment, treat pellagra, protect brain and skin 
  • Vitamin B5: reduce joint pain, increase immunity, improve hair and skin 
  • Vitamin B6: prevent atherosclerosis, ophthalmic disease, enhance memory 
  • Vitamin B12: produce red blood cells and prevent anemia, protect cardiovascular and nervous systems, support anti-depressants, good for skin, bones, hair, nails

Folic acid


  • Prevent birth defects in the brain and spinal cord in the early stages of pregnancy
  • Produce new red blood cells, prevent the risk of anemia
  • Reduce cardiovascular diseases, cancer
  • Prevent aging-related diseases such as osteoporosis, memory impairment, headache, and insomnia, ...

Coenzyme Q10


  • Support cardiovascular health and respiratory system.
  • Prevent skin aging, boost skin elasticity and firmness
  • Enhance antioxidants, maintain quality and quantity of sperm and eggs 
  • Improve the efficiency of energy consumption of cells to reduce fatigue and stress
  • Support in the treatment of Parkinson, diabetes.



  • Reduce stress, improve the nervous system and concentration
  • Protect nervous system, enhance brain function

Blueberry powder


  • Contain natural antioxidants to slow aging process
  • Strengthen the nervous system, anti-cancer, heart attack risk 
  • Rich in fiber to regulate the digestive system, effectively control weight

Raspberry powder


  • Prevent and support for cardiovascular treatment
  • Inhibit the growth of cancer
  • Reduce bad cholesterol level
  • Support for diabetes prevention and treatment

Strawberry powder 


  • Prevent cancer, inhibit tumor growth and metastasis of cancer cells
  • Enhance and improve brain function
  • Keep bones strong and supple
  • Improve vision, limit aging macular, cataracts 
  • Contain good nutrients for the skin, lighten skin and anti-aging 


Minor illness people should use V-Oxy+
Minor illness people should use V-Oxy+


Who should use V-Oxy+?


If it is used for everyone, is V-Oxy+ product good? In fact, this supplement is safe and effective for users. Particularly, the product is especially useful for: 


  • People are often sick, weak health
  • People have difficulty absorbing nutrients and often suffer from digestive disease
  • People want to improve young and healthy skin from inside
  • People recovered illness who need to strengthen their body
  • Women want to prevent signs of premature aging, physiological diseases in menopause.
  • People want to refresh mental health, memory 
  • People want to treat and prevent heart, eyes, skin and brain diseases 

Is V-Oxy+ product good?


V-Oxy+ is a comprehensive health care product, extracted 100% from nature. The supplement is benign and does not have any side effects. Moreover, trio V Live products are carefully researched and manufactured on an advanced German technology chain. The clean ingredients are strictly selected and undergo rigorous testing before reaching consumers.


In particular, V-Oxy+ does not contain preservatives, additives and growth stimulants. The process has passed the inspection and obtained international certifications such as: ISO 9001, Apec, SGS, GMP, HACCP.

V-Oxy+ not only passes inspection quality, food safety, but also undergoes strict control during packaging and transportation. Before releasing product, it processes on Asian people, V-Oxy+ has had to go through a scientific and standard process to ensure it is suitable for the Vietnamese population.   


Product certified by the Ministry of Health - Food Safety Department. Currently, trio V Live products are sold on the market and they are an effective support product in improving comprehensive health.


Is V-Oxy+ product good?
Is V-Oxy+ product good?


V-Oxy+ usage


  • Dissolve 1 pack of V-Oxy+ with 200ml warm water
  • Use 2-3 times/day, 1 pack each time 
  • Consult a physician if you are pregnant or nursing 
  • To maximize effects, do not exceed recommended dosage.

If you are interested in the product but do not know how to use V-Oxy+? Then this article will help you to solve this problem.


Drinking 1 pack of V-Oxy+ every day to protect health
Drinking 1 pack of V-Oxy+ every day to protect health


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Owning V-Oxy+ functional food that provides oxygen for cells 


Thus, the article has helped you not wonder whether: Is V-Oxy+ product good and its usage. With great values for health, V-Oxy+ as well as trio V Live functional foods comprehensive health care are being sold. Please visit our website to buy genuine products.


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