Is V-Trition product good? What disease does V-Trition treat?

Feb 22,2022
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Is V-Trition product good? It is one of the confusions for those trying this product to deal with digestion problems.

Thus, Is V-Trition product good and beneficial for your stomach? Stomach is an important organ because it has the role of crushing and breaking foodstuffs for absorption. If stomach is not protected and works well, it will easily cause many dangerous diseases. Therefore, V-Trition in trio V Live products is ideal solution to help digestive system better.   


Is V-Trition good? What disease does V-Trition treat?
Is V-Trition good? What disease does V-Trition treat?


V-Trition and great benefits in supply nutrient for cells


V-Trition is one of trio V Live functional foods including V-Oxy+, V-Trition and V-Neral. If the remaining two products concentrate on supplementing and improving nutrition, oxygen for cells, V-Trition is responsible for enhancing stomach absorption function, helping healthy gut. Product brings many benefits to users’ health such as:


  • Supplement essential nutrients
  • Enhance the ability to absorb nutrients from food, promote natural enzymes production
  • Increase intestinal immune system, inhibit harmful bacteria and enhance beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Well-absorbed food keeps young and healthier skin, the body resistant to viruses and bacteria
  • Increase stomach function, improve thinking ability and brain activity
  • Increase collagen production to boost skin radiant
  • Digest better and control fat, balance blood sugar levels

V-Trition product in V Live combo
V-Trition product in V Live combo


What disease does V-Trition treat? How is it beneficial for the stomach?


No doubt that: Is V-Trition product good or bad because it brings many significant benefits for the stomach. V-Trition consists of enzymes, digestive enzyme blend such as bromelain, protease, papain combined with peptidases. They are considered digestive enzymes that help eliminate common symptoms.


Perilla seed oil, implied with a precious “terrestrial fish oil” with abundant omega 3,6,9 – natural α-linoleic boost synthetic EPA and DHA


In addition, V-Trition contains the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple called Uttwiler Spätlauber that derives from a seedling planted in the middle of the18th century. This is an extreme drug for the body, especially stomach.


Besides, product also contains soluble fiber such as Fructooligosaccharide, Arabic Gum, Guar Gum, Dandelion Leaf extract and wheat fiber, natural oat. They boost the excretory process of digestive system better


V-Trition – solution to improve stomach function
V-Trition – solution to improve stomach function


What are ingredients in V-Trition?

Enzyme blend


Enzyme blend in V-Trition contains up to 36 fatty acids, 17 zymes, 16 amino acids, 9 polyphenols and 9 plant molecular structures. They bring benefits such as:


  • Maintain normal activities, restore important substances and digestive function, absorb nutrients.
  • 3 enzymes bromelain, protease và papain incorporated into peptidases are effective in improving health and controlling weight.
  • Decompose food, help it easily absorbed and boost intestines function as well as digestive system
  • Purify blood and organs, remove waste, improve physical fitness, remove acidic metabolites and convert blood to weak bases
  • Regulate circadian rhythm, eat healthier, inhibit cell aging progresses and supply collagen

Apple stem cells


  • Apple stem cells are considered special ingredients that can be stored for a long time when dried without affecting taste. It is considered a “longevity” factor that positively affects human skin stem cells. This has bên studied and tested by scientists.
  • Plant stem cells contained in V-Trition can help to repair and boost epidermal stem cells regeneration. It plays a role in healing, repairing damage and injury. It even helps to restore human abilities. 
  • Reverse dull skin for a more glowing complexion, get rid of freckles and wrinkles.
  • Boost the efficiency of stem cell generation up to 80%
  • Balance and moisturize skin

Perilla seed oil


Perilla seed is a rich source of omega 3,6,9 that has miraculous effects on vision and brain. It brings enough uses to answer whether: Is V-Trition product good such as: 


  • Improve red blood cells SOD energy, reverse premature skin aging
  • Boost brain function
  • Eliminate bad cholesterol, lower blood fat
  • a – linolenic vegetable oil in the product helps to lower triglyceride levels, aid to prevent cerebral thrombosis 
  • Reduce significantly leukotriene allergy and stimulates platelet aggregation (PAF)
  • Diclofenac acid Rosemary blend help to cerebral thrombosis, resistant viruses and bacteria, thereby, it inhibits allergies and antioxidants 
  • Prevent cancer and colon cancer, reduce colon omentum activity of ornithine decarboxylase

Other ingredients 


V-Trition functional food contains other ingredients: orange powder, oat, rice bran, green tea, tomato, wheat, broccoli. Besides, there are vitamins E, C, sunflower essential oil, cabbage, birch and Arabic gum, Beta Caroten, Guar gum, Selenium, Curcumin, Bifido beneficial bacteria…


V-Trition supply digestive enzymes for pancreas diseases people
V-Trition supply digestive enzymes for pancreas diseases people


Who should use V-Trition? 


Is V-Trition product good for people who suffer from diseases? It is not only boosting digestive health but also supporting treatment and supplement digestive enzymes for people who suffer diseases such as:


  • Cancer, chronic pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic cystosis, cystic fibrosis
  • Benign tumor
  • Bile duct obstruction
  • Pancreatic surgery
  • Diabetes


Is V-Trition product good? Should we use it?


As great benefits mentioned above, The question: is V-Trition product good has been answered. To assure this product, V Live International provides full product quality certifications.


This functional food protects comprehensive health by supporting cell regeneration, provides nutrition for digestive system. This natural product is made by modern technology from Germany at the factory in Malaysia. Products have passed the inspections and met international standards such as GMP, HACCP, Apec… 


Is V-Trition product good?
Is V-Trition product good?


V-Trition usage


  • Dissolve 1 pack of V-Oxy+ with 200ml warm water before breakfast 30 minutes.
  • Use 2-3 times/day
  • V-Trition is recommended to use at least 7 days to feel obvious effects, the body is regenerated and full of vitality after 28 days 
  • You should include trio of V Live supplements to comprehensive protection


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Owning V-Trition product for healthy gut 


Products are currently being widely available, but you can buy them at official distributor V Live International. For any further questions regarding is V-Trition product good, please contact Hotline: 0839 69 88 69

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