Top 5 prestigious websites selling functional foods in 2022

Apr 01,2022
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What is the most prestigious website selling functional foods that many consumers trust today? Following this article

Currently, there are many types of functional foods that support disease treatment as well as improve health. However, it is not easy to choose genuine products of high quality. If you are wondering where to buy functional foods, let’s follow the reputable websites that consumers trust and choose in 2022.


Top 5 prestigious websites selling functional foods in 2022
Top 5 prestigious websites selling functional foods in 2022


How to recognize a reputable website selling functional foods


What is a prestigious website selling functional foods? There are some things that only connoisseurs who regularly research and learn about functional foods can notice. You can base on the following criteria:

  • Prestigious websites selling functional foods provide full information about the origin of products. You can buy it at the manufacturer's website if it is a domestic product. If it is an imported product, you can buy it from an official distribution partner.
  • Highly appreciated by consumers: Products purchased at a prestigious website selling functional foods will be appreciated by consumers for their effectiveness. Consumers can always buy again and be satisfied with the product.
  • It can provide a variety of functional foods: a website selling functional foods is like an agent where you can buy products. Therefore, you should choose a website that sells a variety of products that can meet your needs.
  • It has reasonable prices: You should buy at large distribution websites, the discount will be higher. A small website selling functional foods will not have many incentives.
  • It has convenient payment methods, easy feedback: Reputable websites will have a clear interface, easy ordering and payment methods. The feedback form and good customer service will be one of the important things to choose a prestigious website selling functional foods.

Prestigious website selling functional foods in Vietnam
Prestigious website selling functional foods in Vietnam


Top 5 prestigious website selling functional foods in Vietnam


Along with consumers' needs, supplements are becoming more diverse in both quantity and quality. You can buy these products both directly and indirectly.

However, in order to research what is the right product and how it works, online channels such as websites selling functional foods are the first choice. Consumers can find out all information about the products, the reviews of purchased consumers, their own questions on the supplier website.

Here are 5 prestigious website selling functional foods today – they have been voted and trusted by long time consumers:


V Live International -
V Live International -


V Live International


V Live International is a brand specializing in functional foods promoting cellular health, it was chosen by a number of consumers. The products have advantages with natural ingredients, without side effects but they have optimal effectiveness for each cell, V Live International products are very popular. 

Currently, V Live International official online distribution channel is, it exclusively distributed by Wise Corridor Vietnam. Consumers can be assured when they choose its products such as: V-Neral, V-Oxy+, V-Trition or V Live V1 combo.

These are all functional foods that provide necessary active ingredients to restore and enhance your health from inside each cell and blood vessel.

Information about prices, offers when buy, payment methods and complaints are clearly public on the website. The website interface is easy to use, convenient for users.


Do My -


If you are interested in imported functional foods, you will know It not only provides products from the United States, the website also brings to the Vietnamese market genuine products from other countries such as Australia, France, Japan,…

Genuine imported products at competitive prices meet consumers' needs. The products are regularly updated, with a long expiry date.


Prestigious website selling functional foods of Nha Thuoc Viet is the online channel of Nha Thuoc Viet system – a reputable shopping address for many people. The pharmacy has an address in Ho Chi Minh City, but the website is a bridge to provide a variety of medicines to consumers across the country.

Because it is a GPP-certified pharmacy, the functional foods sold on the website are all genuine, clear imported origins. Information and prices are publicly disclosed, consumers can choose the products on the website




Although Tiki was formerly a website specializing in books, now, it has become a leading prestigious trading platform in distributing the genuine products in Vietnam. 

A variety of functional foods are sold on websites. A special feature is that Tiki guarantees the interests of consumers when they buy functional foods approved by Tiki.

These products have undergone testing to meet the Ministry of Health standards. Before posting any products, they have to go through a censorship process. The prices are very competitive and the delivery is very fast. is the website of a company named Sieu Thi Song Khoe – a genuine functional foods retailer trusted by many people.  

Consumers can find genuine domestic and foreign products  with a variety of prices. The advantage is all products are genuine, distributed directly from the manufacturer. Consumers can look up about origin on the website.


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In the technology era, websites are good tools for enterprises because they meet all the criteria: reasonable price, convenient to purchase. The prestigious website selling functional foods that we introduce above are trusted and chosen by many consumers. We hope this will be the most useful information for your selection.




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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