Top 7 safe and effective stress-reducing functional foods in 2022

Mar 31,2022
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The pressure of studying, life and work makes you stressed, which can cause neurasthenia. Using stress-reducing functional foods is one of the methods that people are looking for. It can support consumers to boost their health, euphoria, sedation and sleep. Since then, you will no longer feel tired, stressed and uncomfortable.


Top 7 safe and effective stress-reducing functional foods
Top 7 safe and effective stress-reducing functional foods

Why should you use stress-reducing functional foods?


Stress – mental stress is a common state of many people. From adolescent age because of schoolwork, to adulthood because of the pressure of life. Anyone can fall into this stage. 

Sometimes you have severe psychological trauma that can lead to stress and depression. It will cause many consequences for mental, health and quality of life. This will increase chronic disease risk.

One of the ways that can be improved is taking stress-reducing functional foods. Currently, there are many types of tablets to drink on the market and they contribute to reduce stress and fatigue. Consumers will have good sleep, elated spirit, and their health is better.

These products will nourish nerve cells, prompting the brain to produce psychoactive substances.


Anyone is at risk of stress
Anyone is at risk of stress


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Top 7 stress-reducing functional foods today 

V-Oxy+, functional foods to reduce stress, improve your health 


The human body is made up of 70 trillion cells, each one must be healthy to have a strong body. When your body falls into a stress, insomnia state, it will make you lose appetite, fatigue and then it gradually makes your body exhausted. 

V-Oxy+ has Coenzyme Q10 as the main ingredient, which is a compound that helps produce energy and fight atherosclerosis. 

In addition, V-Oxy+ contains vitamin B complex, vitamin C and natural oats. The product will improve blood circulation, maintain stable blood pressure. V-Oxy+ helps to meet your body energy needs, thereby it helps you gradually get rid of stress and fatigue. 

V-Oxy+ is a product of V Live International, extracted from natural ingredients. Through research and production according to advanced German technology. This is a stress-reducing functional foods, it promotes cell health effectively. 

Especially V-Oxy+ has a delicious and pleasant taste like fruit, it is a natural product that is suitable for everyone. If you are worried about side effects, this is a great choice.

The product is conveniently packaged in a box of 28 packs. The reference price for it is 1,446,000 VND/box and it is officially sold on V Live International website.


V-Oxy+functional foods reduce stress, nourish your body effectively
V-Oxy+functional foods reduce stress, nourish your body effectively



Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula


This is a famous stress-reducing functional foods from Blackmores. Each bottle includes 28 tablets, they contain essential nutrients and vitamins for your body, increase energy and help your spirit better. 

Product is trusted by many people and it is a best-selling product in Australia. Blackmores stress reliever product is very necessary for busy people, stressful working, anxious, insomnia. 

Usage: Take 1 capsule with breakfast and lunch, at the same time as a meal.

However, this product is from abroad, then everyone should be careful and avoid counterfeit goods. Blackmores stress reliever price is about 245,000 VND/bottle and it sold a lot on e-commerce sites.


Blackmores stress reliever product
Blackmores stress reliever product


MyVita Royal, functional foods to reduce stress for everyone 


MyVita Royal is a special stress reliever product with precious herbs in nature. The main ingredients include 8 essential amino acids and cordyceps, ginseng, royal jelly,… Because of these rare nutritious ingredients, consumers will feel better immediately when they use it. 

MyVita Royal will supply your body deficiencies, boost your health and fight depression. This royal drink is extremely healthy, it is suitable for people who need to improve their health.  

The country of origin for this product is Vietnam, it is manufactured by SPM. People over 18 years old can use 1-2 bottles a day to promote their health. It is packaged in a box of 10 bottles and its price is around 600,000 VND/box. To order products, consumers can visit MyVita website. 


My Vita Royal, the royal style to reduce stress
My Vita Royal, the royal style to reduce stress


Natrol 5-HTP Mood & Relaxation 100mg stress-reducing functional foods


Natrol 5-HTP Mood & Relaxation 100mg emotional regulation tablets include 150 tablets a box. Its ingredients are completely natural, no side effects and safe for your health. This product meets American quality standards, rigorous inspection before it is released on the market. 

Natrol 5-HTP Mood & Relaxation 100mg helps to reduce stress, headaches and fatigue. Besides, it also helps consumers eat well, sleep deeply and feel refreshed. Thereby it improves stress, combat depression.  

Each box contains 150 tablets, it sold for 700,000 VND on e-commerce platforms. You should find a reputable, highly rated unit to ensure genuineness. 


Natrol 5-HTP Mood & Relaxation 100mg
Natrol 5-HTP Mood & Relaxation 100mg



Mega-Stress Complex Nature's Plus, functional foods to reduce stress and fatigue


Mega-Stress Complex Nature's Plus is a stress reliever from America. It is made from natural ingredients, without preservatives, colorants, fragrances and harmful colors.  

All vitamins and minerals are 100% extracted from nature. The FDA has selected Nature’s Plus as a typical manufacturer in the US.

The typical use of a product is helping consumers overcome the pressures of life beyond their control. Besides, it also increases resistance, fights insomnia, and restlessness. Using stress – reducing functional foods to relax, sleep well and restore your health. 

Mega-Stress Complex Nature’s Plus is being sold at Phuong Chinh pharmacy (Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi) and some other websites at 530,000 VND/bottle of 30 tablets.


Nature’s Plus tablet
Nature’s Plus tablet


Nature Made SAM-e Complete 400mg


Nature Made SAM-e Complete 400mg will increase SAM-e amount then it improves mood and regulates emotions. This substance is studied to be non-toxic to your health. 

Nature Made SAM-e Complete 400mg supports nerves, stabilizes your mind and fights prolonged stress. Besides, SAM-e also protects cartilaginous and musculoskeletal health.  

Product is researched to have effect after 7-14 days of use. Its price is about 1,440,000 VND/ bottle of 60 tablets at websites on the internet.


Stress-reducing functional foods NatureMade
Stress-reducing functional foods NatureMade


Stress-reducing functional foods Acvri 10


Acvri 10 is made from 15 precious herbs. Its ingredients are Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge, Fructus Ziziphi jujubae, Osmanthus fragrans, Angelica sinensis, Licorice … bost blood to the brain. This product is for people who are stressed, need to concentrate, they have low spirits and frequent insomnia.  

It is necessary to maintain from 3 to 6 months to get the best effect. This is a herbal product, there are no side effects, it will be extremely safe for your health. A bottle of 60 tablets priced at 190,000 VND, it is sold at Thien My pharmacy in District 6, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and some other websites.


Safety stress-reducing supplement
Safety stress-reducing supplement


Some notices when you use stress-reducing functional foods


We have learned the 7 most effective stress-reducing functional foods. However, when you use it, you need to keep a few notices in mind: 

  • Choosing reputable, genuine and quality products.
  • You should choose products with its ìgredients from natural herbs, this will both help you solve your own problems. On the other hand, it will be extremely beneficial for your health, without causing side effects like medicines.
  • Before using any product, it is necessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not take wrong instructions, arbitrarily increase ỏ decrease the dose.
  • Because supplements are from nature, their effects must be slow. You should not use too hastily to expect immediate results. Your body will gradually change in a positive direction if it is used correctly.


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As above are some information about stress-reducing functional foods. We hope it will help people avoid fatigue, stress and work pressure. Contact V Live International to buy V-Oxy+. Hotline: 0839 69 88 69




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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