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Business code: 03113814670 issued by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment for the first time on May 18, 2016



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Business code: 03113814670 issued by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment for the first time on May 18, 2016



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a. Intellectual property rights

Building this Website requires big investments. The website and each of its components (e.g. trademarks, images, text, video, etc.) are protected by intellectual property rights. No use, reproduction or representation of the Website (whether in whole or in part) is permitted in any media, for any other purpose, including but not limited to Commerce.

We may provide you through this Website with content that you are authorized to download (hereinafter referred to as “Downloadable Content”). We grant you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right, free of charge, to use the Downloadable Content, on a personal and exclusive basis, and for the duration of the copyright. Intellectual property is legally protected as provided for under Vietnamese law or the laws of other countries and international treaties. Any copying, representation, modification or distribution of the Website is strictly prohibited. By downloading or using Downloadable Content, you agree to use the Downloadable Content in accordance with these Terms of Use.

You acknowledge and agree that you will only use the Website for your own personal purposes on a basis consistent with the intended use of the Website. You will not be permitted to use this Website in a manner that may damage the honor, reputation or rights of any third party as set forth below.


b. Rights of third parties

We hereby note that you need to secure the necessary permission and rights from any rights holders for any content you may wish to publish through the Website, including including any and all intellectual property rights and/or literary, artistic and/or industrial property rights, and the right of public disclosure (including the right to the image of a person), to enable you to use such content without any hindrance. For example, you must secure the rights accompanying and to any content (especially videos, photos, acronyms, logos, etc.)


c. User Content

On this Website, We may provide space exclusively for user content, such as text content, photos, videos, opinions, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “User Content”) “).

By posting User Content via the Website, you grant Us the right to copy, display, use, copy, modify, edit, proofread, distribute, translate, create derivative works create, incorporate into other products, distribute such User Content (whether in whole or in part) on a royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive basis, globally and for a limited time. intellectual property rights are legally protected as provided for under the laws of Vietnam or other countries and international treaties (including any subsequent additions or amendments).

Such use is permitted for all purposes of internal or external communication, exchange of corporate or financial information, advertising, and for all public relations, purposes that reflect the process or storage, of CORRIDOR or our affiliated companies, V Live products and/or brands, especially in the following media:


• Upload in any format, in unlimited quantities,

• Print newspaper, unlimited number of publications,

• Publishing, unlimited number of publications, especially publications for internal communication purposes, including sales team and distribution system (wholesalers, retailers, agents, etc.) etc.), events, flyers for seminars, trade shows, booths, ...; communication between businesses, in specialized newspapers, with an unlimited number of publications and/or volumes;

• Posting electronically, IT, digital, multimedia, Internet and Intranet, through any website (regardless of website and/or medium, including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) or Dailymotion), with unlimited inserts and plays,

• Through any advertising medium (including advertising at retail outlets and on V Live's branded products (hereinafter referred to as "Communication").


We hereby inform you that the aforementioned social networks are owned by third parties, and therefore, circulation and use of User Content through such social networks will be governed by the terms of use of such third parties. Therefore, We will not be responsible for the use of such content by Us or any third party in accordance with the terms of use set forth by the social networks, including without limitation. the extent and duration of the license to use it, and the removal of the Content. You are responsible for handling any third-party claims related to the use of the Content in accordance with the terms of use set forth by such social networks.


In addition, We hereby remind you that any Content may be referenced in any search engine; therefore, persons not accessing this Website may still be able to view the Content.

This permission enables Us to adapt your Content to the original Content and/or to clarify such User Content that We may find useful, provided that the Content is Such User Content will not alter your image or wording.


Furthermore, use of User Content may be accompanied by anonymous information such as your city, country or age, and/or, if you expressly consent, such information allow the disclosure of your identity such as your name or alias.

Any User Content that you publish through this Website will be selected by you and solely your responsibility. However, We would like to remind you that User Content must not contravene applicable laws or accepted ethical standards, or the principles set forth herein. In this regard, We reserve the right to delete at any time any User Content that does not comply with these Terms of Use, including the Code of Conduct.



We uphold the values ​​of respect and tolerance for others.

For this reason, when using this Website, you agree not to:


• Make any racist, violent, xenophobic, malicious, rude, obscene/pornographic or illegal comments.

• Disseminate any content that may be harmful, defamatory, unauthorized, malicious, or otherwise infringes upon any right of privacy or publicity, incites violence, causes racial or ethnic hatred, or deemed to be completely indecent or instigating to commit a crime or instigating a violation.

• Use the Website for political purposes, propaganda or conversion advocacy.

• Publish any content that advertises or promotes any product and/or service that competes with the brand(s) displayed on the Website.

• Make the Website deviate from its intended purpose.

• Disseminate any information that may directly or indirectly allow nominal and specific identification to an individual without express prior consent, for example last name, their mailing address, email address, phone number.

• Disseminate any information or content that may have a negative effect on children.

• Threatening or harassing others.

• Conduct illegal activities, including practices that may violate the rights of any person accompanying or with respect to any software, trademarks, photographs, images, content, text, video, etc. any.

• Disseminate content (including photos and videos) depicting minors.


If you believe that any User Content violates the above guidelines, your rights or the rights of any third party (e.g. infringement, insults/insults). , violation of privacy), you may send a notice to us/specify the date you discovered the said content, your identity, the URL, the description of the content to be notified, and the user code. use (user ID) of the author of the above information, if any.

To ensure security in a digital environment, such a notice must contain the following:


• Date of notice.

• If the sender is an individual: last name, first and middle name, occupation, address, nationality, date of birth, and place of birth.

• The name and address of the recipient or, if a legal entity, the business name and registered address.

• A specific description and location of the reported events (eg, the URL to the notified content).

• Reasons why the content should be removed, including legal citations and explanations (proofs) relating to the facts.

• A copy of any communications sent to the author or poster of the information or behavior notified requesting them to discontinue, remove or change, or demonstrate that it is impossible to contact the author or poster.

Any incomplete notices will not be considered.



a. General rules

We hereby warn you that the information contained on this Website may be incomplete or inaccurate, especially for reasons of third parties. We hereby commit to remove inaccurate information or to complete such missing information on the Website as soon as possible.


b. Information about products and services

The products and services introduced to you on this Website are distributed by Us in the country where this Website operates.


c. Consulting and diagnostic tools

The advice contained on this Website and/or the diagnostic tools that may be available are merely assumptions for the purpose of obtaining expert advice.

The information provided by professionals is for guidance only, and in no event is to replace medical diagnosis or clinical advice, nor does it replace medical treatments.

Therefore, We cannot guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the content of the advice when using such tools, and We do not accept any responsibility for your ability to take advantage of such tools. that tool.

For more information or in case of doubt, We recommend that you consult your doctor.


d. Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks on the Website may lead you to third party websites and We have no control over the content of these websites. Therefore, when such hyperlinks are displayed on this Website for the sole purpose of enhancing your convenience when using the Internet, then searching any third party websites Which will be decided by you and solely responsible.



We may collect personal data relating to you, especially when you: (i) sign up for a service; (ii) download Downloadable Content; (iii) login; (iv) registration for a game/contest; (v) send email to Us; (v) respond to a survey or study.

Your personal data will be recorded by V Live Vietnam into an IT file to perform various purposes, including but not limited to performing the contract between Us and you (for example, products you have purchased on websites/apps), to provide services you have requested (for example, to provide newsletters), or to comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

This data will be kept for as long as is necessary to serve the purposes for which we hold your personal information, to meet your needs, or to comply with our legal obligations. us, and for the purpose of serving V Live Vietnam and its affiliates, agents/representatives and service providers of V Live Vietnam (in Vietnam and/or in anywhere else).

Consistent with applicable laws and regulations, you have the right to access, correct and delete any information that may be relevant to you. You may exercise this right at any time, by sending us a notice, accompanied by a copy of your national identity card, to the following address:


Customer Care & Consulting Department, 11th Floor, Agrex Tower, 58 Vo Van Tan, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh

Please note that it may take 30 business days for us to process your request in the event that you request to update your information or withdraw your consent.



We may amend the content and information on the Website and these Terms of Use, in particular to comply with new laws and/or regulations and/or to improve the Website.

Your continued use of the Website will be deemed to be your acceptance of the new Terms of Use.



We will use our best efforts to maintain access to the Website and Downloadable Content at all times. However, We cannot guarantee that the Website will always be available and accessible. In fact, we may have to suspend access to all or part of the Website for a short period of time, especially for technical maintenance purposes. We hereby make it clear that Internet or IT or telecommunications networks are not without errors, and interruptions and inaccessibility can still occur.

We cannot make any warranties in this regard; therefore, will not be liable for any damages that may be related to the use of the Internet or IT or telecommunications networks, including but not limited to:


• The transmission and/or reception of data and/or information over the Internet is weak/poor.

• Under any external attack or computer virus.

• The receiving device or communication network is faulty and

• When the Internet is weak/poor, which may lead to the Website not being able to function properly.


In the end, our liability shall be limited to direct damages, excluding any other damages or losses, more specifically any indirect damages relating to, without limitation, term of residence, loss of profits, loss of revenue or loss of goodwill.



These Terms of Use will be governed by the laws of Vietnam.

If there are any problems, please contact our Customer Care Department at:


Email: cskh.vlive@gmail.com

Address: Customer Care & Consulting Department, 11th Floor, Agrex Tower, 58 Vo Van Tan, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh

Phone number: + 84 839 69 88 69

Opening hours: 9.00 - 17.00


According to the current regulations, any dispute with consumers will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights No. 59/2010/QH12 dated 17 November 2010 and its guiding documents. accordingly, as amended from time to time. Such disputes will be brought to the competent Vietnamese courts for settlement.