Do V Live products cure disease?

Mar 28,2022
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Do V Live products cure disease? Through its impact, your cells, body and soul will be healthier. 

V Live products are becoming a global health care trend. They have natural ingredients, aiming for comprehensive health care for cellular level. Thus, do V Live products cure disease? What do they have and what are their effects?


Do V Live products cure disease?
Do V Live products cure disease?

What are V Live main product lines?


Humans are made up of trillions of cells. If cells are depleted, nutrients cannot be absorbed. Since then, our health and soul also declined. 


We understand this problem, V Live brings Vietnamese consumers a set of 3 cell health care products. These products are aimed at providing nutrients from cells.


Before we find out whether V Live products cure disease or not, we will learn about these 3 products as below:

V-Oxy+ - Functional foods that increase oxygen for cells


V-Oxy+ is a valuable nutrient for your body. This contains many active ingredients coenzyme Q10, Vitamins B, C, natural oats and other nutrients. Because of these special ingredients, it has a positive effect on your body. 


When your body tolerates V-Oxy+, it will quickly absorb nutrients into blood in just 5 minutes. Then it goes around the body, identifying places that need to be supplemented and activated. 


Therefore, V-Oxy+ will provide energy and reinforce nutrients for cells. It will nourish and regenerate cells.


V-Oxy+ acts as an open door. It is the entrance of other nutrients. Your body will build a standard cell system. That is the premise of overall healthy body.


V-Oxy+ increases oxygen for cell, boosts blood circulation
V-Oxy+ increases oxygen for cell, boosts blood circulation 


V-Neral - Functional foods to boost immune system


V-Neral is one of three V Live products. It also affects the tiniest cells. With its unique nutrient composition, V-Neral is the key of overall healthy immune system.


What is V-Neral made for? This product is a valuable nutrient source that help us: 


  • Strong antioxidants. Product inhibits the growth of free radicals. This is an important factor in dangerous cancer development.
  • Eliminating toxins and purifying your body.
  • Increasing your body immune system.
  • Slowing down the aging process.
  • Improving skin aging and wrinkles.
  • Using it in the long-term maintains radiant skin.

V-Neral product supports immune system
V-Neral product supports immune system


V-Trition - Functional foods enhance digestive function


V-Trition is a supplement for digestive system. It plays a role of “repairing” digestive system and helps the nutrient absorption process better. 


From enhancing digestion effect, V-Trition contributes significantly to improving memory and thinking. Its ingredient is also supplied with a large amount of collagen to support beautiful skin, fight aging conditions as well as dark pigmentation. 


For your body, digestive system plays a particularly important role. It digests food into nutrients, that is the lifeblood of your body. When the digestive system works properly, the rest of systems will work effectively.


Therefore, nutritional products for digestive system are important. Through these products, the system will increase its activity. Then, your body will be healthier, maintaining mental and physical state. 


V-Trition is an essential product for digestive system
V-Trition is an essential product for digestive system 


Do V Live products cure disease?


Back to our topic, do V Live products cure disease? When you look at the products, you can see that these products do not have healing function. 


These are functional foods, they are not medication. However, they have a positive effect in supporting disease treatment. Furthermore, they are an important nutrient source to help your body fight off pathogens.


Clinical studies have shown that using V Live  brings many positive values to your health. It provides nutrients to cells. 


All V Live products manufactured by German technology. They have good permeability, this makes your body easy to absorb. When you use it for only a few days, you will receive positive effects on your health.


When the body has a good immune system, diseases cannot have a chance to attack us. Because of V Live products, your body will form comprehensive protective film. We will live a happy and healthy life with the most positive spiritual values.


Do V Live products cure disease?
Do V Live products cure disease?


Who should use V Live products? 


Who are trio V Live products suitable for? The product is extracted completely natural, it is suitable for all. For those who over 5 years old, they can use it to enhance their health: 


  • White-collar workers who need to boost their brain and enhance memory.
  • People have digestive problems should use V Live products to improve it.
  • People have cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes. These people should use it regularly to enhance their body protection.  
  • People who often do manual labor should use it to supply deficient nutrients.
  • Women after 25 years old and after giving birth should use it to enhance fitness, beautify skin and anti-aging. 
  • Elderly people need to use products. Their joint problems, memory will be improved. More than that, it also improves many digestive diseases and blood pressure. 
  • Children should use to develop a whole body.

V Live is suitable for all people
V Live is suitable for all people


What are the main V Live ingredients?


The main ingredients of V Live products are extracted from nature. They are rigorously tested. Each product is a most comprehensive formula. 


The most special thing is that V Live products are all cellular technology products. This is the current global healthcare trend. 


Nutrition for body should come from the cells. These are the tiniest and basic components. When cells are healthy, your body has the most abundant energy. 

Where should you buy V Live products?


Some issues related to V Live products that cure disease have been updated. Where is the most prestigious place to buy V Live products?


Currently, by the users trusted, the product is receiving attention from many distributors. However, if you want to buy a genuine V Live product, you should contact us.


V Live is a brand protection in the Vietnam market. V Live is a direct supplier of V-Oxy+, V-Trition and V-Neral products in Vietnam.


Choosing us, you will be assured of origin and quality. We guaranteed its origin at a reasonable price. You do not worry whether V Live products cure disease or not, because of what they bring, you will be satisfied.


For more detail or buy product, please update the following information:




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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