V Live functional food scam: Causes and Truths

Apr 29,2022
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Recently, V Live products have been warmly received by many people. When the information about the V Live functional food scam appeared, many people were confused about the product. 

To know whether V Live functional food is a scam or not, what are the cause and truth? Why is this product popular? All information related to this product will be given in the article below!

V Live products are applied the most advanced German technology
V Live products are applied the most advanced German technology


What are V Live products? How is the usage? 


Currently, 3 main products of V Live include: V-Oxy+ functional food that provides oxygen to cells and supports your body, V-Trition functional food that enhances the digestive system to limit oxidation and V-Neral functional food for your health that supports mineral supplements. 


The trio V Live products increase the absorption of good nutrients, then it helps your body to be healthier, have more energy and effectively prevent diseases.


These products are applied to the most advanced German biotechnology with 160 essential nutrients. These are nutritious foods for cells, they provide comprehensive care with high biotechnology. This technology helps nutrients easily penetrate into cells and absorb to provide nutrients to your body.

  • Specifically, V-Oxy+ is a product that provides and boosts oxygen circulation in the blood, maintains normal arterial activity, balances electrolytes, and increases Glucose consumption. In addition, this product also supports the treatment of headaches, dementia, depression, and anxiety,…
  • V-Trition is a product specially formulated for the intestinal system, it plays an important role to balance the microflora in the intestinal tract, and improve the digestive tract. V-Trition is considered a secret to taking care and nourishing the intestines, contributing to building a great digestive system.
  • And the final, V-Neral is a functional food specializing in eliminating toxins, helping your body’s natural immune system to be perfected. This product also purifies and maintains the balance of substances in the body. In particular, it also helps to reduce cancer risk, slow down the aging process and promote health, prolong the consumer’s life.

Trio V Live product – nutrition for healthy cells
Trio V Live product – nutrition for healthy cells


Why is there information about V Live functional foods that are scams?


Recently, information about the V Live functional foods scam has caused many consumers to panic. Many newspapers published information that when you search on two websites of the Food Safety Authority, you could not find the information “Product Disclosure” of V Live products.


In fact, when these articles were published, the licenses related to V Live products had just expired and it had not been renewed yet, thus the reporter could not look it up, but we can assure you that V Live does not cheat consumers. The usage and effectiveness of this trio of products have been experienced and confirmed over the years by many consumers. 


Containing safe natural ingredients and advanced technology, V Live products provide your body with 160 essential nutrients, they promote comprehensive health for consumers.

Is V Live International a scam? Is V Live International a multi-level company?


Is V Live International really a scam? Is V Live International a multi-level company? What is the truth of this story? Where does this product come from and how is it evaluated by the authorities?

Origin of V Live functional foods


V Live products are produced by V Live International SDN.BHD. This corporation has its head office located in Malaysia and its subsidiaries in Singapore, Korea and Vietnam. V Live products are 100% natural, manufactured in Malaysia and imported, distributed exclusively by Wise Corridor Vietnam Co., Ltd. 


All V Live products are carefully researched, based on German biotechnology, they help your body restore healthy cells and improve health for consumers. Therefore, the information that V Live functional foods are scams is completely inaccurate.  


V Live products have achieved many international certifications
V Live products have achieved many international certifications


Product Certifications of V Live International

V Live owns many international certifications such as international GMP certification, international HACCP standard, FDA certification, ISO 900and 1 certification. In addition, all three products V-Oxy+, V-Trition and V-Neral also meet the international Halal certification…


International HACCP standard  certification of V Live products
International HACCP standard  certification of V Live products


In Vietnam, V Live products all have publication and registration certificates from the Vietnam Ministry of Health.


Vietnam Ministry of Health certified to receive V Live product announcement
Vietnam Ministry of Health certified to receive V Live product announcement


The trio V Live products are researched, produced and circulated  to ensure full compliance with strict international standards ab Live is not a scam. V Live has a full range of quality certifications, it ensures safety when you use the product. You can easily check the certifications here.


If V Live functional foods scam, how can they get many prestigious awards?
If V Live functional foods scam, how can they get many prestigious awards?


The prestigious awards that V Live International has achieved


With a methodical and professional production process and it uses natural origin, absolutely no stimulants, no harmful chemicals, V Live products have won many prestigious awards such as: “Asia – Pacific Outstanding Brand 2021” awarded by the Research Institute of Small and Medium Enterprises. “Top 50 prestigious brands of Vietnam – Asean” awarded by Association for Economic Cooperation and Development of Vietnam – ASEAN and “Gold product for public health” by The VietNam Association of Functional Food – VAFF.


If V Live International is a scam, how can it be awarded many prestigious awards? V Live products support your body, supply micro-mineral, collagen, vitamin D3 for the body, support reducing oxidation, which is the rôt of many health-related problems. Information about its awards you can easily look up on reputable business news sites For instance, the article “V Live International has a lot of quality awards” on Cafebiz


V Live products are highly appreciated by consumers for their effectiveness
V Live products are highly appreciated by consumers for their effectiveness


What do V Live consumers say about the product?

The trio of V Live products is being trusted and appreciated by consumers. Because of the outstanding benefits of the product, more and more people know and use these products. Notably, this set of products is suitable for many people of different ages. 


Here are the opinions of some consumers who have used V Live:


Ms. Minh Thu (living in Hanoi) used to have numbness in the shoulders and neck, migraines and dizziness:

After using V Live products, my condition of migraines, dizziness and giddiness have significantly reduced even though I used a lot of medicine before. More than that, this set of products also has an effective effect on the skin. My skin has melasma on my cheeks but when I use these products, 90% of melasma has been removed, my skin is healthier, brighter and ruddy.

Ms. Ngoc Mai (living in Ho Chi Minh City) has vestibular disorders, dizziness and numbness in her hands:

My dizziness and numbness in my hands have improved a lot. In particular, my vestibular disorder is almost gone. I always feel fresh, healthy and radiant every day.


You can read more consumers reviews here:




Looking for more information: Who has used V Live product? Reviews from users


We hope that the above information will help you find the answer to the question of whether V Live functional foods are a scam or not. We wish you the right choices to protect and boost your health.




V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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