What is BCA's V Live product? Is BCA Living V Live good?

Apr 29,2022
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BCA Living V Live product is one of the most comprehensive and optimal health care products for consumers.

The V Live product set is manufactured with German technology, originating from Malaysia and imported to Vietnam since 2016. This is considered one of the modern health care products in the European Union. Each V Live product helps consumers recover and improve health from the body cells inside your body.


What is BCA's V Live product? Is BCA Living V Live any good?
What is BCA's V Live product? Is BCA Living V Live any good?


What is BCA’s V Live product?


The trio of V Live products provided by BCA is a comprehensive product of health care products that are applied with high biotechnology and easily absorbed nutrients deep inside the cells. Nutrients nourish cells and regenerate energy, activate cells to function at their optimal performance.


The phrase BCA Living V Live has appeared a lot recently because this cooperation agency sells a V Live set of 3 products very well, thus consumers search for this keyword a lot. However, V Live International is still the official distributor of V Live products in Vietnam. 


Food also through technology provides your body with adequate nutrients thus your body can absorb all the essential nutrients. This is a scientifically developed solution that helps you regain your health, edit and regenerate cells inside your body.


Set of 3 V Live products
Set of 3 V Live products


Is BCA Living V Live good?


European countries often attach great importance to human health no matter what era. The leading names in medicine must include France, Germany, the United Kingdom, USA,… That is the reason why V Live cell nutrition products from Germany are more interesting to Vietnamese consumers. 


In particular, this product is manufactured from the most advanced biotechnology in Germany, then it ensures optimal efficiency for consumers. Since, it nourishes cells, balances your health perfectly.

Is BCA V Living V Live any good?
Is BCA V Living V Live any good?


BCA Living is one of the agents of V Live International Vietnam

Each product of V Live International is manufactured to support users in recovering the best health from HBA technology - High Bioavailability, CNC - Complete Nutrient Chelation and TWS - Total Wellness Solution from Germany.

These are all the most advanced technologies in the healthcare market in Vietnam. BCA Living has a regular plan with V Live experts to improve advice and ensure to bring customers the right products, promoting the best effect.

Accompanying with V Live International, BCA Living has become one of the distribution agents for V Live products. Therefore, BCA's V Live products are fully certified with safe ingredients licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.

Along with a special 1-on-1 consultation model, BCA Living and V Live International are ready to form a health care habit for themselves to consumers.


What does the BCA Living V Live product set include?

BCA's V Live product set is a nutritional formula for cells, helping cells to absorb nutrients optimally and complete functions. The V1 kit includes:

Products V-Oxy+

Products V-Oxy+ with main ingredients are Vitamin B complex, Coenzyme Q10, bell wheat, ... to help increase the ability to absorb oxygen for cells. The product offers great benefits such as:

  • Supply oxygen to the body, blood circulation
  • Bring oxygen deep inside the cell
  • Enhance absorption of nutrients
  • Improve the body's resistance and inhibit the process of cell degeneration
  • Boost your brain

The product is priced at 1,446,000 VND.


Products V-Oxy+
Products V-Oxy+


V-Trition products

The product V-Trition includes nutritional ingredients such as perilla seed oil, apple stem cells, mixed enzymes, ... to help enhance nutrient absorption for the digestive system. At the same time, it promotes a number of benefits such as:

  • Contains many enzymes, soluble fiber, probiotics to enhance digestive function and absorption capacity of the stomach
  • Regulate diet, inhibit cell aging
  • Increase collagen content

The product is priced at 1,386,000 VND.


V-Trition products
V-Trition products


V-Neral products

Products V-Neral with the main ingredients are Lutein, horsetail, hydrolyzed collagen, ... help bring positive effects such as:

  • Strengthens the immune system, supports cell regeneration
  • Enhance the body's self-healing function
  • Improve sleep quality, reduce wrinkles caused by aging.

The product is priced at 1,092,000 VND.


Looking for more information: The most effective way to use V Live functional foods


V-Neral . products
V-Neral . products


V Live's comprehensive health care mission

The set of 3 V Live products is a scientific solution to help balance and improve health. Each product promotes its own use on cells, nourishes and produces the energy needed for the body to function. From there, the cells can function at optimal performance, keeping the body healthy.

The product is also a complete source of essential nutrients for the body, supporting the treatment of diseases and enhancing the function of organs in the body. In general, the set of 3 functional foods V Live is A product that you should consider using.

So you have a good understanding of the content of the article “What is BCA's V Live product? Is BCA Living V Live any good?” then right? If you have any questions, please contact V Live Vietnam using the information below.


V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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