Who has used V Live product? Reviews from users

Apr 29,2022
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Finding out real reviews from people who have drank V Live will help users get a comprehensive view of the product and make the right choice.

Known as one of the best reputable company of functional foods for cells, V Live products are becoming the first choice of users. So who drank V Live, is this product really good? Let's find out the reviews who have used V Live products right here. You will certainly find interesting things around this product line.


Who took V Live and did it work?
Who took V Live and did it work?


Learn about health care products V Live

V Live is a brand of functional foods for cells. This brand is known for the following set of 3 products:

Functional foods provide oxygen for cells V-Oxy+

V-Oxy+ is extracted from perfect natural ingredients. In which, the most prominent is coenzyme Q10 and vitamins such as B complex, C, A. Along with that, the product also contains a series of other high antioxidant agents.

V-Oxy+ effectively replenishes energy for cells after only 5 minutes of use. When V-Oxy+ enters the body, it quickly promotes blood circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen to each cell. As a result, the cells gain flexibility and endurance.

The effect of V-Oxy+ is also positive in cell repair. Damaged cells will be quickly regenerated, bringing comprehensive health and rejuvenation effects to the body.

Food support digestion V-Trition

Those who have taken V Live know about V-Trition - food that aids digestion. This food helps to improve the function of the digestive system.

Meanwhile, the digestive system plays a particularly important role in the entire body machine. When the digestive system works well, the thinking brain is also better. At the same time, the body can fight the aging process, beautify the skin and increase collagen production effectively.

V-Neral immune booster food

V-Neral is really a gift for those who have used V Live products. With a rich composition of trace minerals, a lot of lutein and a large amount of hydrolyzed collagen, this food helps to provide a comprehensive mineral supplement for the body.

V-Neral is a solution to strengthen immunity, maintain eye health, and brain hemorrhoids. Products will help you get comprehensive health after only a short time.


Trio of products from V Live
Trio of products from V Live


Who drank V Live? Who is V Live product suitable for?

Understanding the use of products from V Live, we will start to find out who drank V Live?

V Live is suitable for all audiences. From children to the elderly, from men to women. After 3 years of age, this product can be used safely. However, the most appropriate age to use the product is from 15 years old.

Along with that, the necessary age to supplement the V Live trio every day is over 40 years old. This is the period when the body enters the aging process. The signs of aging will depend on the location that appears quickly or slowly. Using V Live will help limit this process.

At the same time, helping you maintain a stable and comprehensive health. The birth of the product is a long process of research on cell technology by German scientists. So the effects it brings are enormous.

Therefore, now there are millions of users worldwide using V Live. In Vietnam, the product is trusted by many people. Famous artists like Lan Huong, Ba Anh, who are extremely strict when choosing products, also believe in V Live. According to them, V Live has brought them both physical and mental freshness.

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The trio of V Live products are suitable for all users
The trio of V Live products are suitable for all users


Reviews directly from users of V Live products

Ngoc Huong, 55 years old, shared:

I have been using the trio of V Live products for more than 3 months. Before, people always felt tired. However, after using the product, the spirit of youth and health is much improved. Thank you V Live for helping me regain my energy to work.

Mr. Ba Huy, 35 years old, HCM:

I have a lot of digestive problems so my colleague recommended the V-Trition product. After using it effectively, I also learned about the brand and decided to use the trio of products from V Live.

Before, I was not impressed with functional foods, but now everything is different. It's great that the stomach pain is no longer haunting.

You can also listen to the sharing from Dr. Thanh Nga, complimenting the V Live product. With the use and spread from those who have used V Live products, the trio is gradually becoming the health care choice of many people:

We have also compiled a list of comments from customers who have used V Live products, please have a look:

Now, do you know who drank V Live and how effective it was? For advice on this comprehensive healthcare trio, please contact us quickly using the information below


V Live International

Medical consultation: Doctor. Tran Thi Thanh Nga

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